Look of the Week

Oh hey look what I’ve decided to bring back after a brief hiatus (pretty much a year…..oops). For those who weren’t here when I did this, Look of the Week was my little adventure into fashion *cough* well technically acting like a fashion blogger but really just showcasing one of my outfits I wore that week. Really just me trying to make looking like a hot mess fashionable. All for a little fun, but hey it’s back and this time I’m not in lockdown so we can venture outside of the leggings looks (well I can’t make any promises). So let’s do this!


Sunday Afternoon Clean-Fest

LOOK DETAILS: Sweater from H&M Men, Leggings from Victoria Secret, Shoes from Converse , Cleaning Brush from KMart.

Sorry to look this glam while giving my bathroom a good clean. I mean really I rocked my husbands jumper (which I officially claimed as mine since he never wore it) and my new scrubbing brush which I bought from K-mart in one of my I need to buy one item but end up with a trolley full shops. The pose here, I can only describe as the creepy cartoon villain about to make their move.



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