Is it a Mojit-OH or a Mojit-NO?

I’m sorry for the weird tittle friends I woke up in a weird mood this morning and can’t shake the crazy so I’m forwarding it onto you. So here we are trying out another Ready to Drink Cocktail. LETS DO THIS!!! I will admit this has been out for a while, but I have been unable to get my sweaty little hands on this bad boy……until now. So I randomly came across the Bacardi Mojito Cans one day online, instantly I had to give them a try- I mean really a canned cocktail I have to try that shit. So Bacardi is an alcohol I’ll occasionally have if its mixed in a cocktail but Ive never really put it on the top of my list for alcohol. One of the reason I could guess why I never really go for it is because back when I was 18 and first drinking (legally) I would drink Bacardi Breezers. Does anyone remember those? They were Bacardi RTD, basically sugar water. I remember I drank them all the time with friends and loved them, but as I got older I expanded my horizon and kept clear of those drinks. Until some time later I tried it and was a little shocked I used to love those so much, they were so bloody sweet.

So I was a little curious to see if this was going to be a sugary concoction or taste like a cocktail in a can. Bought one can to be safe, just in case I tried it and it was pure crap I didn’t have more stuck in my fridge. So one can is 250ml and is 4.8%ALC/VOL which isn’t too bad for a cocktail. I feel like you could put this in a nice glass and add a bit of ice if you want to be a little extra- I just drank it from the can. Mind you all I did this little experiment on Mothers Day as my little reward to myself, why I chose to potentially ruin my Mothers Day cocktail on a drink that could/ couldn’t be good I don’t know I was feeling risky.

So anyway, drinking this I feel like I have another cocktail in a can available for me to enjoy. This was a delightful, refreshing drink. It really felt as close to and actual freshly made Mojito as you can get. The overall flavours were perfectly balanced, you could taste the lime, the mint and the rum and nothing was overpowering the other. It wasn’t ridiculously sweet, which I admit I was so worried about. The mint flavour (which I know can sometimes ruin the overall flavour by making the drink taste like toothpaste) did not overpower or make the drink taste like you were drinking something from the dentist. I actually felt like the minty aftertaste reminded my of Spearmint Leaves Jelly lollies. This isn’t a bad thing at all, seriously I sat there for ages trying to pin point that flavour.

Taking this little risk on Mothers Day proved to be a big reward. I enjoyed the drink so much I think its going onto my list of RTD cocktails. I do wish I did get another to enjoy but one was enough for a Sunday afternoon. Seriously if you enjoy Mojitos give this a whirl.

IM OUT!!!!


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