Look of the Week

This weeks look is from another Sunday, Mothers Day. I mean why not. I actually celebrated Mothers Day with my own mum on Saturday. For one reason its an exhausting day on actual Mothers Day to see my mum and my husbands mum with the spawns, because they don’t actually live near us (about 45mins give or take). On the day its a lot of rushing around and not spending a lot of time at one of the mums houses and by the time we get home Im just done. Another reason I do go down to celebrate on Saturday is so then on Sunday she can do something with her mum (my grandma) and also I don’t have to run into one of my siblings that I don’t get along with unfortunately.


Mothers Day Farshion

LOOK DETAILS: Top and Bottoms from Peter Alexander, Socks from AMAZON.AU, Watch from FITBIT, Arrogance Baby Im Born with it

Well this was my outfit for Mothers Day, any guess what country I’m from. Technically these are Pyjamas, but I just wear them around the house and some loud and fabulous lounge wear. I don’t think I got the memo that neutral colours are in.



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