ZAP!!!! an Update

So a while ago now I started using my own at home laser hair removal device. Don’t worry the original post is below to check out if you haven’t already seen it or remember it. So basically I’ve been trying out the HEY SKILKY SKIN hair removal laser handset since late January for my arm pit hairs. I thought it be best to start small and stick to one spot on my body first. I started with the lowest setting and then gradually worked up to the highest setting for the best hair removal. I followed the instructions and used the device every week.


After the first 4-6 sessions I found that the hairs started to slow down, I still had hair growth but wasn’t as much as a hairy bitch. But it was only temporary because it pretty much went back to being hairy. It felt like it stopped working and I was just flashing a light on my armpits like a crazy person. I also found that (this could be a coincidence) that when using the device I developed a lot of zits/ ingrown hairs under my armpits. Firstly I thought it was just due to me taking on more workouts and getting them from all of the sweat. Strangely as soon as I stopped the zits stopped popping up and I’m still working out as much as I was when I started if not more. Overall this wasn’t the best device for at home hair removal, I won’t let this keep me from trying out another device. I like the idea of hair removal at home I can’t commit to weekly hair removal at a salon.




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