Look of the Week

Warning up for a workout or going for influencer casual? It was for a workout believe it or not under this oh so cozy getup is my booty shorts and crop top for my Pole Dancing class. I needed something baggy so when I get dressed again it’s not like putting cling wrap on my skin. I did feel it appropriate to make a very Instagram-able pose……I hate myself now .



LOOK DETAILS: Top and Bottoms from Petal and Pup, Slides from ROXY, Sunglasses from Mink Pink, Watch from Fitbit

Has anyone watched the original Ghostbusters, saw the STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN and thought to yourself how can I look that awesome with my loungewear? No? Dressed up like a marshmallow is deliciously fashionable. Also make sure you throw in an obnoxious pose. This looks a perfect in between of young and middle aged man kicking around the house on the weekend.



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