Fireball Espresso Martini

Well internet you sure have served me with another cocktail. Recently I came across Loryn Powell on Instagram. She is an American Instagram entertainer, a self proclaimed “SELZPERT” (expert in Seltzers). She makes videos of her drinking various alcoholic beverages and showing how many drinks it takes to get to a .08 reading on a breathalyser. She also try out newly released alcohol to share her experience and sometimes provides some comedic videos featuring her husband and dog. I admit her videos are pretty entertaining to watch, I started watching them last year during lockdown. Anyway side tracking, she recently posted a recipe for a Fireball Espresso Martini which defiantly got my attention. Ive tried a salted caramel espresso martini but never a Fireball.

Fireball is an alcohol that really is best enjoyed by itself. I remember back in 2018 trying it for the first time at a bar in Vegas and they gave it to me with a mixer, it did put me off of it. It wasn’t until August 2019 (in San Francisco) when at a bar they had a wheel of fortune. Basically you paid $5 to spin the wheel and whatever it landed on you got either a drink or some food (a packet of chips). I spun that wheel so much and won heaps of glasses of wine, a packet of chips and a few Fireball shots. This time when trying it I found that it tasted a lot better. Since then I don’t have an issue with it. I actually enjoy it in fact I had wayyy to many Fireball shots at last years work Christmas party. I really love the taste of cinnamon, its not a sickening flavour and it also smells amazing.

So lets make this Martini!!!! I made mine with my Nespresso Pod machine.


1 Shot Espresso

1 Shot Fireball Whiskey

1 Shot Kahlua

Put in shaker and shake the living hell out of it, pour in a glass and enjoy.

Trying this out, holy shit this is amazing! This felt like a delicious coffee made by an amazing barista with a with cinnamon mixed in. I mean this was my drink! I seriously wanted to drink it in a massive big ass cup, but because it was at night I doubt drinking that much espresso would help me sleep. Id probably start vibrating from all of the caffeine. I will mention that I did use Kahlua but you can really use any coffee liqueur.

This was a perfect simple change up of an Espresso Martini. I love when its minimal ingredients, but with only so few ingredients it had the most flavour. This is for sure my new way of making espresso martinis from now on.

IM OUT!!!!


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