Look of the Week

This weeks look is bought to you by my oldest spawns Birthday. We had a family Birthday party for her and I can tell I was done by the end of the day. The amount of shit you have to do to make this a great day- well sorry me being me trying to make sure she had an amazing day putting too much work on myself. This look did include a cardigan but due to our house having the central heating on and before that the restaurant where we ate had the heat up to tropics level I was pretty much rocking the t-shirt all day.



LOOK DETAILS: Top from Dazie, Jeans from Jay Jays, Socks from Amazon, Watch from Fitbit, Balloons from Lombards and Fould facial expressions from exhaustion

Can’t go wrong in black skinny leg high waisted jeans, I know everyones rocking the lose jeans these days. I did that YEARS ago and it looked like trash on my then Im short if I wear lose fitted jeans I will make my legs look wider and shorter, ITS NOT A GOOD LOOK! Also since low rise has made a comeback I will have to say that I will continue rocking the high waisted, the era of the constant Butt Crack has passed and I do not want to venture back into it. As you can see by my face I had reached my limit with social interaction and I was ready to get in my PJs and watch Sonic 2 with the spawn.


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