One Day Cleanse

I thought I would mix it up and try something new, a juice cleanse. I have been feeling a bit off lately and it hasn’t helped that the second spawn has decided she no longer wants to sleep. The precious little turd has been giving me the worst broken sleep. You’d think I have a bloody newborn! It made me feel like total crap and been living on a coffee diet pretty much. So I thought I might try give myself a little refresh to feel a bit better. I usually get celery juice from time to time delivered to help me feel a bit better on the inside but this time I wanted to really push it to the next level and feel good. I chose this pack from the Karmic Cold Pressed Juice, it was a juice cleanse but it had some food included so it didn’t feel like I was just drinking all day. I was given 8 items to consume throughout the day approx 90minutes apart with each item in specific order. I also could drink water with this and engage in light exercise (i kept up my normal activities because I am insane).

So here is my little adventure on the cleanse

Morning Zing (lemon, ginger, mint, cinnamon and filtered water)

Fire up metabolism and stimulate digestion and hydration

Ohhh you can taste the lemon. This was the first juice for me to try and after a absolutely shit nights sleep this woke me up. The lemon was strong but thank god it was slightly watered down, I was pulling the sour faces.

Leafy Green (kale, cucumber, spinach, celery and lemon)

Antioxidants, iron and Alkalising

This one was nice, but it was weird. It was a very savoury drink, its always weird when you drink something and it doesn’t have hint of sweet because usually most drinks are sweet or have a sweet after tase to it. Still going strong at this point I am a little shocked I haven’t had a morning coffee and Im not really hungry.

Superfood Protein Bar (almond meal, coconut, cacao, rice protein, coconut oil and raw honey)

Fibre and Proteins for healthy skin and muscle repair

This bar was so bloody good !!! I felt like it was kind of like a truffle/ bliss ball. The husband actually had a try of this and he thought it was a little dry (most likely the almond meal texture) I didnt think it was dry at all it was really tasty. This is one of those things that you’d either love it or hate it. If you have ever tried a protein ball from a health food cafe it tastes sort of like that.

Red Raw (beetroot, carrot, celery and lemon)

Oxygen refuel, folate and stress reduction

This drink Im not going to lie I drank over the sink and made sure I removed any light coloured clothing. Without fail I know I will spill this all over myself (even just a drop) and Ive stained my clothes. Bloody beetroot! beetroot is a very overpowering distinctive flavour I find so when I drank this I really felt like I couldn’t tell what else was in the juice because the beetroot had taken over.

Chia Pudding (Coconut cream, filtered water, chia seeds, raw honey and vanilla)

Fibre, protein and good oils aid digestion and vibrant skin

I do love me a chia pudding, I used to make these all the time years ago I really should start making these again. Its just a nice sweet snack but not too sweet or creamy like say custard. I don’t know what it is about this but I found myself feeling satisfied rather than wanting more of this, it was a good portion and it was a great break from the juice. This was defiantly well made the consistency was like a jelly almost and was just really good to eat.

Sun Glow (Capsicum, carrot, ginger, celery and lemon)

Vitamin C, Beta-carotene and bright eyes

This probably was my favourite juice of the day. It tasted like a mild spiced soup almost. I say mild spicy because even though I love my spice (the hotter the better) sometimes mild is perfect. This was so good you could taste the capsicum but it wasn’t gross, I know a few people that I showed the juice to were a bit put off when they saw what was in it. This was another very savoury drink but it had that little pep to it thanks to the capsicum.

Pumpkin Bliss Soup ( Pumkin, himalayan rock salt, herbs and spices)

Antioxidant whole foods, anti inflammatory and Immune boost

Serve Warm! Ok pumpkin soup and I usually have a bit of a love hate relationship. I find it most of the time is a very bland soup. I was a bit hesitant with this and was secretly plain on putting spices or maybe even some sriracha in it to help with the flavour if it wasn’t doing it for me. When eating this I was pleasantly surprised with the flavour the spices added to it so well it wasn’t bland at all in any way. I licked the bowl clean because it was just so delicious and Ive never loved a pumpkin soup that much ever! Having this warm soup was a good mix up considering I had been consuming cold stuff all day this was a great- especially because at the moment its cold here in Melbourne.

Bee Pollen Almond Milk (Almonds, bee pollen, Raw honey, filtered water and himalayan salt)

Vital minerals, strong bones and healthy smile

The final drink! At this point I will say I was feeling pretty good I hadn’t caved and needed to eat something or need a sneaky coffee. A nice milk to wrap up the day, well almond milk. I actually drink almond milk I prefer it in my coffee I just like the taste better. At this point I felt like I didn’t really want anything else but I knew If I didn’t drink this Id probably regret it later. This was ok, this felt like I just got some almond milk out of my fridge and drank it. It was bit plain for me, I would have loved it if it had some cinnamon in it ooooooo that would have made it next level for me.

This was an interesting experiment to try, especially while I was beyond words tired. But it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. My skin did look a bit more refreshed the next day. I did lose a little weigh, BUT I will say that it was water weight that I lost and do not use a cleanse as a way to drop some weight because it is not a permanent loss you will gain it back once you start eating again. You could use it as a way to kick off your weight loss as it will show you how you can feel with more healthier foods consumed. This actually had something that I didn’t expect and I was actually really happy about. Sorry MALES don’t read on if female menstrual cycles gross you out. But for me usually the week before my period I get so bloated and retain so much water- basically all the bullshit you get when you are on your period I get the week before my period and then when I get it I am pretty much normal with the exception of the period grossness. So usually people think the week before is when I have my period but nope. This time after doing the cleanse I didn’t bloat or retain any water I didn’t have any nasty aggressive breakouts (maybe a few small zits/blackheads- easy hidden under concealer). This to me was a huge benefit, my period came and it was nothing (apart from the obvious mess) but I didn’t have any pain for general discomfort or misery that I usually get.

This cleanse was good, but I am glad I did one day. That’s honestly all I could do, Im a very active person and I use a lot of energy when doing Pole Dancing classes and even thought this pack was made for active people I couldn’t physically do another day. Would I do this again? Yeah I would I did feel refreshed and energised, it was like I re-booted my body. I liked how I felt afterwards and everything I consumed that day was really delicious I especially loved the protein bar (sooo good). Before I go I want to say this, I am no health/fitness professional but I have had a lot of experience in my younger years with trying to find a quick fix. Please do not use a cleanse as a form of weight loss, you may lose weight when you do it but its never permanent and you can feel defeated when you gain it back. This would be a good thing to kick off your weight loss journey because it could give you a bit of an idea how you would feel eating healthier. I did not do this for weight loss, like I said by a few people it can help with overall making you feel better which is what I wanted.

Just was throwing it out there. This was a good body reboot, it did mention that it would help me not need coffee as much………sorry that ship has sailed I will always be drinking coffee, that shits in my veins.

IM OUT!!!!



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