Look of the Week

This weeks look is bought to you by my need to be warm and comfortable because its been fucking freezing lately. Probably doesn’t help that I am parading around with wet hair. This is my favourite thing to rock in the winter, whoever made up the OODIE you are a legend. My Tumblr from the Starbucks Halloween Collection is so awesome I got it last year and it brings me joy (yes the simple things) when I see it glow in the dark. Sometimes I actually put it in the direct sunlight to make sure that the glow is super bright.



LOOK DETAILS: Top from OODIE, Leggings from Cotton On Body, Slippers from Peter Alexander, Tumblr from Starbucks (IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!!) and wet hair from finally cleaning it

I feel like I will have to fight every urge to wear this out in public. I mean the OODIE out to the supermarket/ liquor shop was acceptable during Lockdowns last year. Believe me I saw many people rocking the OODIE out in public (those were dark times) but we aren’t in any lockdowns so the OODIE stays home. Even if its super warm and has a massive pocket that can fit a whole bottle of wine in it (it really can).



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