Not Happy Jan!

So last week I was sick, it was bullshit! Runny nose, cough, night sweats (I mean it was BAD so many PJs changed) ear infection and headaches. Seriously when I was a teenager it would have been amazing because it meant a week off of school but in my 30’s its horseshit especially if you still have to work from home and raise two antichrist’s. This will be a short-ish post sorry guys, but last week I just couldn’t give anything a go. I obviously couldn’t try any alcohol beverages – I was already on a cocktail of cold a flu medicine and any beauty products I didn’t want to risk any more dramas if my sick skin decided to react to anything. A small win out of this whole sickness was I actually ate ridiculously healthy all week, as in I ate like one of those influencers you see online that are just the epitome of health (I secretly think they have a bucket of KFC out of shot). Also I finally saw what the big deal was with RuPauls Drag Race I watched it one night with a cup of tea and well now I can’t stop!

I am on the mend and almost back to my normal self. Now I have to plan a spawns 2nd Birthday- so look forward to those posts.

IM OUT!!!!!


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