This has got to be a practical joke

TikTok has delivered some bazaar things but none like this. My oldest spawn came to me recently really excited about a “Healthy Coke” recipe she saw on YouTube. It was someone trying out some recipes they saw on TikTok or something honestly I got a bit fuzzy with the details because I was preoccupied with the fact the little shit was on YouTube and she told me she was in her room playing with Barbies. So this “Healthy Coke” interested me a bit and I looked up a post to see what it was all about.

So basically this is just sparkling water (any flavour) and Balsamic Vinegar. Naturally I had to try this, but I am going to be honest I wasn’t expecting much. So I just used regular sparkling water, looking at this concoction it does look like Coke- good for photoshoots if you don’t want to waste any Coke I guess. But really if you want to just make the drink look like Coke you could get the same effect with soda water and soy sauce (I only know that from an evil prank). So it looked like the soft drink sure, but when you smelt the glass you could smell the overpowering scent of Balsamic Vinegar, how anyone could get past that is beyond me.

So the taste, now I want to put it out there that I tried this with all different amounts of Balsamic Vinegar just incase I didn’t put the right amount in. When trying this it tasted……….absolutely nothing like Coke. I mean what the fuck! This tasted like sweaty balls bathwater. Who in their right mind thought this was a great idea, this is shit. I swear I think someone made this up just to see how many people they could trick into trying it. Im more curious what made them think to put these two things together in order to make this in the first place.

The ” Healthy Coke” was nothing like an actual Coke, not even a flat or out of date Coke tastes this bad. A little side note as well, while normal Coke isn’t great for your teeth (as well as your overall health) in huge amounts, this wouldn’t be any better. Drinking this regularly would fuck up your teeth as well. Id rather have the normal shit and fuck up my teeth from something that tasted good rather than fuck up my teeth from something that tasted like ass and I only consumed it because someone slapped “Healthy” in front of the name.Can we just stop trying to make these “healthy” versions of delicious food/drinks please, Ive had enough. They don’t taste like the real thing and I keep falling for these because I have to see if it’s bullshit or not.

IM OUT!!!!


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