I’m Cultured as F*** NOW

So school holidays have just wrapped up (thank god), this time I was attempting to be the cool mum and arrange all types of fun outings and activities for the spawns. One of the things that the oldest spawn is into is history. This kid wants to know all kinds of historical facts and keeps asking me questions as if I’m some kind of genius that has a photographic memory from things I learnt at school. I couldn’t tell the kid I’m a moron so I decided to try find something interesting to go to that she could learn something and have fun. Lucky for me the internet felt my pain and I was flooded with many places to go to entertain the kids.

I found an exhibition at the LUME in Melbourne right in South Warf. This exhibition is a digital gallery that creates an immerse experience for you. So its definitely not a quiet art gallery that you just walk from painting to painting with tiny plaques containing information. Basically this is the shit I wish I had as a kid. You walk into the exhibit with information about the artist- It looks pretty standard for an exhibit. But then you walk into a massive room full of projections ( all over the floor and walls) and well paired music. You literally feel as if you are in Van Goghs paintings. This place was the one place I felt the spawns could run wild and not piss anyone off or damage any property. Some people were laying on the floor and others sitting on chairs enjoying the experience. I felt like I was at a show.

There are also rooms for you to venture into if you need to break up the time in the large room, I admit there was times I felt like the floor was moving because the projection messed me up at times (its an ILLUSION!). One of the rooms was a sunflower room, where it was floor to ceiling sunflowers. Every Instagramer’s dream- Yes I did see lots of girls there having photoshoots and getting pissed because other people wanted to come in. This really was a fun experience for us all and it was a little relaxing with all of the music and imaging.

Now it’s an exhibition, it does cost a little. It cost $49 AUD for and adult and $34 AUD for a child (4-17yrs) for entry. Babies are free for this and if you do chose to drive into the city buy the $12 Flat Rate parking ticket, that way you can park at South Warf DFO. So you could go shopping at the outlets after your done at the LUME – they are literally right next to each other.

This was a great experience the spawns loved it and I defiantly had a ball. It does cost a bit so keep that in mind ( but really everything seems to be expensive these days – don’t get me started on the fucking petrol!!!). This isn’t necessarily a family thing, you could go with friends or even on a date night. This was one of the many adventures I did with this spawns, I spent a lot of money on the two weeks and now I am exhausted! That’s why I didn’t post last week, between working (I work from home) and being captain fun I had no bloody time to myself. Anyway of course the link is below for you to check out if interested in the LUME.




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