Look of the Week

Its so fucking cold at the moment, I hate going out in public in the cold. I like it at home because I can be as comfortable and well trashy looking and no one can see me but going out is another thing. My family were embarrassed when I stepped out in this hat, jokes on them my head was nice and toasty all day.



LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from CottonOn Body, Top from Dazie, Cardigan From Petal and Pup, Shoes from Converse, Hat from Kmart and Watch from FIT BIT

I was so bloody comfortable in this hat, Im not usually a hat person. Even headbands irritate me after a while. Im the weird person that can’t wear Mouse Ears all day at Disneyland because I get irritated after a while even after I removed them for rides. I actually wore this hat all damn day. Might have got a few weird looks, but its winter and this is Farshion Darhling .


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