Hidden Wine Bar

I have been hanging for a hidden bar for ages, all through the many many lockdowns I kept thinking to myself “I will find these hidden bars and I will try them out!”. I can now say that I have finally been to one. Located in Watton street (Werribee, West Melbourne) the place is easy to miss if your not keeping a keen eye. Keep a look out for the wine barrel sign post on the street and follow the signs down a corridor, then you will see a wine bottle wall from there you will find the entrance. Normally I wouldn’t recommend you head down a long corridor, but don’t worry now axe murders are waiting for you just wine and food.

Heading into the bar I swear it felt like an underground speakeasy (even though your at ground level). The place was warm and cosy and featured a red wine cellar. There is even an outdoor area to hang out and enjoy some wine and nibbles. I didn’t get to enjoy it mainly because the fact it’s winter in Melbourne (freezing and pouring rain), I didn’t want to drink watered down wine! The menu had an amazing selection of wines, beer, spirits and some spritzers as well as a nice simple food menu. We ordered the charcuterie board between us, this was a perfect amount of food between me and the husband. It had a nice selection on the board and also included some cooked calamari.

Now ordering drinks at a wine bar I will admit for me can be a little intimidating, especially if there is a lot to chose from. I will say this the staff that served us that night were nothing short of incredible! Everyone had given us recommendations for what would be best to try and had great knowledge of the flavours. I actually tried mulled wine for the first time and I do not know why I haven’t had it sooner it was such a delicious flavour with the warmth of the wine with the taste of cinnamon and orange it gave me a snuggly cozy feeling. Fuck hot chocolate this is my winter warmer now! I’m looking up recipes to make some myself now. We tried a few other glasses of wine at the staffs suggestions aswell as trying out some of their delicious spritzers. One of the few I tried that stood out was the Limoncello Spritz (Limoncello, Prosecco, Simple Syrup, Soda Water with a lemon wedge and mint). Ohhhh it was so good! It wasn’t bitter it was almost like I was enjoying a lemon slice from a bakery, I couldn’t get enough I actually had two of these.

CORKED in Werribee was a pleasant experience and I really can’t wait to go back. First time at a hidden wine bar and I can say it’s made my curiosity to try out more hidden bars grow. I enjoyed this place from the ambiance to the food and drinks this was 10/10. Of course as usual I have included the website for you to check out Corked for yourself.

IM OUT!!!!


Wine with a side of my red lipstick

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