Look of the Week

I’ve reached my limit of this bullshit cold weather here in Melbourne, honestly I was excited for the cold because it meant more cozy clothes and boots. I love rocking boots! But so far this weather has just made me not want to leave the house. Sorry correction, its made me not want to leave the house looking like I have my shit put together. Believe it or not this is how I look going to and from a pole dancing class.



LOOK DETAILS: Trackpants from H & M, Jumper from Dazie, Scrunchie From RIP CURL, Shoes from ROXY and Watch from FIT BIT

Always make sure you add that little dainty touch to our pose, raise one foot *TING* fabulous. Oh and make sure you aren’t looking at the camera, we can’t give the camera we took ages setting up in the right position the time of day.



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