I have been searching what feels forever for three of the new BILLSONS vodka and soft drinks flavours. Every liquor store I would search in didn’t have any and I wasn’t particularly keen on ordering online. We’ve had a few scumbags stealing in my street and any booze delivered to my house would no doubt be stolen if I’m not there to immediately bring it in from my doorstep. So yes I was beginning to give up hope, until two of the three appeared to me one night while out at dinner.

The two flavours are: Fairy Floss and PineLime. While researching these I saw the reviews for the pinelime were all consistently positive with the odd one here and there from people (not everyone likes pineapple and lime flavour). The fairy floss flavour, however was a bit of a 50/50 situation where some people loved it and others hated it. But I wasn’t too worried, it’s Billsons! They have been pretty consistent with the quality of their products so let’s go!

Well start with FairyFloss , I was very confused with this one after reading some negative reviews about this flavour. How could you hate it this was delightful! It was sweet but wasn’t ridiculously sweet. It was if they put just the right amount in. If it was any sweeter even just a touch I think it would be a one can deal. You’d have one can and call it a night with it. I definitely could tell it was fairy floss flavour. I did love the colours on the can, it was a very nice fun drink.

Now let’s move on to the PINELIME. I love the pineapple and lime flavour in drinks and food. I find it’s very very rare to fuck it up- although I have come across some tremendous fuck ups in my time (just unlucky I guess). Being as we are currently in winter I been hanging for a taste of tropical to send my tastebuds away to a little holiday. When drinking this I felt like this was the bad boy to drink while on a beach while catching some sun. This was delicious. This was exactly like a Splice icy pole. The flavours just mixed together so well without one dominating the other and again this wasn’t overly sweet.

Well it proved good things come to those who wait, both of these were absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed both of these (so much I got sidetracked from eating) and hope to find them in store to stock up in my fridge. I’ve just got to locate the third flavour that’s tickled my fancy and I’ll be set…..until these wizards produce another flavour.



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