Daydream Island – I wish!!

So the last two years have been an absolute shitshow for me and my husbands Wedding Anniversary. With the fear of catching Covid and the constant lockdowns causing us to spend the day/night at home with two spawns dictating the evening, we were looking forward to finally enjoying an anniversary enjoying each others company. Not just any Wedding Anniversary, out 10 years Wedding Anniversary! We have to do something special. We had decided on an interstate getaway since we haven’t been on a plane since 2019 and were looking at going somewhere different we have never been, we decided the Whitsundays, Daydream Island. We can go on the tropical getaway without having to leave the country and go on a long ass flight. Perfect.

We had booked this whole trip, we were booked in for the 28th September til the 2nd October. Our actual Anniversary is on the 6th of October but we had to work in our trip with the school holidays, the 6th fell on the first week of term 4 and I honestly didn’t want to put the stress of taking the spawns to school and after school activities on her. So its no secret that there has been non stop issues with flights and staff lately everywhere. I swear everyday a new report about something wrong with an airline/ flights delayed or canceled – I honestly was getting a little worried. I began to think we might be safe until the last few weeks were our flights had changed from direct to stopovers (not too bad at all) to changing the flights by a day to then changing the whole holiday because the flights had all seemed to either force us to leave days earlier (which we couldn’t do) or cut our trip extremely short. These changes weren’t even guaranteed to changed again closer to the trip.

Now me and the husband are fairly seasoned travellers and I get shit like this happens, but its never happened to this extreme. It sucks but after talking about it to each other and weighting up things and I also spoke to a number of people who recently have travelled and dealt with a lot of flights drama. We had to make the decision to cancel our trip. We will be getting a full refund which I’m wrapped about, but this is bullshit. We couldn’t go anywhere for the last two years because of Covid, now were told we can but we really can’t with inflation, staff shortages and Covid still lingering. IM MEAN COME ON!!!

I know I’m coming across incredibly entitled, to be honest its not just the trip its everything going on in the world. I just want one bloody year that we don’t have something that causes everything to go down the crapper. Is that too much to ask? Ive had to remove a lot of News apps and if any News articles pop up on my socials I have to hide it because its just constant negative crap everyday. Well I do stay for the Amber Heard Johnny Depp drama.

Sorry guys for being a whinny entitle bitch guys I’m not a little brat I swear, Im just pissed I got so excited. Ah well I shall move on.

IM OUT!!!!


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