Why not add a bit more….

GLOW Recipes becoming my favourite skincare brand. Recently while flicking through their Instagram page I discovered that I can actually use more than one serum in my skincare routine. Yes I know a lot of people are reading this thinking “well DUHHH” but hear me out. Ive seen many influencers or skin care professionals use multiple products on their skin but I never really understood why, I just assumed if I used one serum it would do the works for my skin. So when I saw that I could use more than one of these miracle serums I thought why not try a few to make my skin look even better (there is always room for improvement with my skin).

So I found the GLOW Recipe Plump and Brighten Duo at MECCA. It’s a pack with travel sized serums one being PLUM PLIMP HYALURONIC SERUM and the other being GUAVA VITAMIN C DARK SPOT SERUM. The bottles are adorable by the way. So putting these serums together will plump, hydrate and create a nice even tone to my complexion.

Boost radiance, treat dark spots & reveal plump, hydrated skin with the powerful pairing of Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum + Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum. Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum: Brighten dark spots & even skin tone with our new clinically advanced Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum, a potent brightening serum that treats & prevents dark spots with 5 forms of vitamin C, guava, and tranexamic & ferulic acids for glowing, even-toned skin.
Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum: This silky, watergel serum is infused with juicy plum and 5 molecular weights of next-gen hyaluronic acid that fill each skin layer with hydration. Combined with vegan collagen and vegan silk protein, this lightweight, oil-free serum deeply hydrates dry, dehydrated skin and diminishes the appearance of visible fine lines for healthy, bouncy, youthful skin.
” – GLOW RECIPE Website

So you get two 15ml bottles of product, to use these you apply the Plum Plump (1-2 pumps) after cleansing dance (I applied after washing and toning skin). Gently pat product into skin then follow up with applying the Guava Vitamin C (1-2 pumps) onto face and also gently pat in. I applied both of these before applying my Strawberry serum (link for that post below). With all of these products on my face I was worried that it would make my skin feel off and congested. It actually wasn’t bad, these products have very minimal scent to them and they set in the skin very quickly. The plum serum was clear and looked almost like a gel it set in nice and didn’t feel oily at all and the Guava looked a lot more like a cream texture (almost looked like a moisturiser). It also set in really well.

This set worked really well and my skin has never looked clearer. In the winter my skin usually loved to be a bit of an asshole it goes dry and makes it look patchy, this calmed my skin a lot. My skin looks brighter and after only a short period of time I could see a change in my skin. You could see a difference in my overall skin even under makeup.

This was a great purchase, I have noticed it was only a limited time product and I can’t find it on the MECCA website anymore. I am hoping that it’s still in stores otherwise Im buying the full sized items individually. Ive seen its still on the GLOW Recipe website and the US Sephora website as well – maybe it was really limited at MECCA. Glow Recipe has continued to do wonders for my skin so far they have been consistent with the products working so well with my skin and I love displaying the bottles on my bathroom vanity they are really fun coloured bottles without looking like they are kids soaps. Sorry for no post last week, I just needed a wee break to concentrate more on work ( yes I work). Anyway I am looking at more GLOW Recipe products to try out so stay tuned for those.



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