You better work B***H

Recently I decided to do a Pole Dancing photoshoot. I haven’t done on of these since 2019 and I was in my bloated, big gross boobies, morning sickness, early stage of pregnancy with number two. This time I thought I am going to bring this shit and go all out to look absolutely FABULOUS! I went out and bought a new outfit from AMBR DESIGNS ( which can double up as a swimsuit funny enough) and some brand new pole boots from SHOE ME . My outfit was a hot pink number with nude colour boots. With the outfit sorted it was time for the glam.

With this shoot I wanted to be as extra as I possibly could. I wanted to do the works; Fake tan, nice nails, makeup done professionally and big hair. Now this shoot actually was re-scheduled and I originally had all these appointments booked in to make me look GLAM. But with the re-schedule I only managed to get my makeup booked in. No biggy, I could work around my makeup application and do everything else myself. Starting off with the tan (which was applied the night before).

I’ve had a very unfortunate history with fake tans. Ive had professional spray tans, they were ok I had no issues. To me its the having to shower after a few hours and basically feeling like wet paint until its cleaned up. I’ve used home tans and this is where things have gone downhill in the past. One tan made me go orange (yep full oompa loompa), Ive had many brands cause me to get an allergic reaction causing my whole body to break out in a scaley rash and Ive had a fair few was of in patches making me look like I have some sort of pigment skin condition. Bondi Sands seems to be the only brand that actually agrees with me. I like the fact I can chose the level of tan for me and it really looks natural. I want to state that when I put tan on I really don’t want to look like a golden bronzed goddess I really just want the lightest tan possible. Basically so I look like I’ve seen some sun in my life. I was so excited when I saw that they have an Express Tan available, 30 minutes and Im sorted.

With this express tanning foam you shower, shave and dry then apply. You can leave it on from anywhere from 30minutes to a few hours depending on how dark you want your tan. I applied my tan and left it on for 45 minutes. I admit I used this a few weeks ago and when I was marinating I saw that it was getting wicked dark (I knew this was the process) and after 30 minutes I rinsed it off. When I was washed off I found that the tan looked like it was pretty much all gone, it wasn’t until the next day that I noticed I was rocking a nice light tan – it must of needed a bit of time to process. I remembered this and kept that in mind this time. I kept the tan to marinate a little longer to make sure it was slightly darker for the shoot (I didn’t have the balls to marinate longer than that out of fear I’d look like a Mahogany Mummy). The tan applied beautifully and had a delicious coconut scent. The foam tan went on evenly and didn’t streak at all. Like it did the first time I tried this the tan was light when I first washed it off but when I woke up the next morning I noticed it was darker than it was originally.

Tan done time for nails! I didn’t have time to go get my nails done, frankly I didn’t really want to have to commit to a colour for almost two weeks or get a manicure that chips within hours. I went with my old faithful Personail Nail Wraps. These are my favourite wear, I love the collection of colours if you haven’t checked out my original post about them Click Here. I love how quickly these go on, there’s no wait time and they always look spot on.

The morning of the shoot I did my usual skin care and straightened my hair before I went to my makeup appointment. I was planing of curling my hair but I needed to flatten my freshly washed hair before I curled it and since my hair is fuzzy (and can’t decide if its curly or straight- its a lot easier if its all straight). I haven’t had my makeup done professionally in YEARS!!! It has been so fucking long I didn’t know how to act when it came to the makeup artist touching my face. Thank god she was extremely lovely and laid back. I loved taking away with her and she helped figure out the look I was going for. I wanted a bit of drama in the eyes with a nude lip. Hell yes she bought the drama, we added a little plum colour to the eyes with some champagne sparkle. Wearing fake eyelashes just added to the look and bought it all together.

When I got home I had about an hour before I had to leave so I curled my hair. I ended up going for the standard loose waves/curls with the hair straightener. lucky with my hair being straight already it made the process run a lot quicker and smoother. Here’s the final look.

I will share the photos once I have relied them, the shoot itself was great. The people doing it were so supportive and positive. I actually after all my glam started to panic and get self conscious caring me to really forget everything I wanted to do and loose my grip. Lucky they helped out a lot and even took shots of my off the pole.

This was a great experience and even though I was really self conscious of my physic I would do it again. Its always good to do something to make you feel like a boss ass bitch with fabulous hair makeup and in something sexy.

IM OUT!!!!


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