Let’s try some…..Mocktails – The series

I will start off this post with saying I am NOT pregnant, this post is simply for science. I have no clue why I didn’t try these when I actually was pregnant a few years back, so let’s try them even though I can drink the real thing! I’ve noticed a lot more brands are releasing canned mocktails in stores and it really got me curious on whether they taste anything like the real thing. So I will have a little fun with these and rate them out of 5 (5 being the highest) . So let’s try these out shall we and if they taste that good I might keep them for a little something different in the fridge – or I might save them as a mixer and half the works done to make an actual cocktail. Either way LETS DO THIS…

So I thought I would start off with a drink that Ive really gotten into over the last year or two, The Margarita. I purchased the NAKED LIFE – MARGARITA Non-Alcoholic Cocktail. It comes in a pack of 4 and is around $15 (its was on special so I got it for $13.50). Its sugar-free and contains only 5 calories. I mean that’s pretty good and if you were on a bit of a weight loss diet, wanting a marg but not ruin all of your progress (or piss of your trainer) this could maybe be a good little something to wrap up the week.

So its time so see about the flavour, I honestly thought it would just be a lime flavoured soda water. Trying this was honestly a shock, this tasted exactly like all of the Margaritas I have tried in cans. If you put this in line with alcoholic Margs I would not be able to pick it out. I loved how light this tasted without being bland or flavourless. The flavour didn’t feel flat, like it was just one flavour and they claimed it was just like a cocktail. These flavours had some depth to them, which honestly I loved. This was a great start to this adventure. I think this will be great for me to have on hand when I feel like something other than water/ coffee but I’m not really in the mood for soft drink or alcohol. A good in-between.

There are plenty more of these canned mocktails, I stuck with one just to go into this slowly. But stay tuned for more non-alcoholic cocktails testing. I will mention this again I’m not pregnant, I have always been very curious about these. I am pissed they didn’t have any available when I actually was pregnant that would have been great for New Years or Christmas (both pregnancies went through the holidays), oh well, this worked out well. These mocktails fun won’t be weekly, I’ll try spread them out.



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