Look of the Week

Yessss Spring weather has made its appearance this week. FINALLY! Two days of sunshine and just overall pleasant-ness I’m happy. Taking what I can get. The pink hairs making a comeback. I put a pink wash through to suss out if I wanted to commit to pink hair and yeah I do. I’ll do it properly over the next couple of weeks.


SPRING….cool cool cool cool cool

LOOK DETAILS: Leggings from AMBR Designs , Top from Jay Jays (men section) , Watch from FitBit and Lazy eye from Extreme tiredness

Don’t you dare say Brooklyn 99 is a shit show! It’s one of my favourite shows! I will admit I I’ve a few 99 themed tshirts. I’m so excited for summer, all of the graphic (most likely embarrassing to everyone with me) tshirts will be coming out. Bung eyes are the looks for this Spring, whether it being hayfever or your crotch goblin keeps giving you broken sleep every night – this is the must have look for this season.



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