Never too early….

I don’t know why but I feel like this year is flying and I’m also reached the half of the year I feel I should start thinking about the end of year celebrations. By end of year celebrations I mean Halloween! The oldest spawn and I have been hanging for the spooky celebrations all year. By the look of many other people on the internet they are also hanging for Halloween. My husband told me it was way to early to start decorating around the house (buzz kill). But he never said not to start decorating. Since my husband is notorious for “DAD LOOKS” I thought I could give it a little go and see how long and how much I could bring out without him noticing. For those who don’t get the term he walks into a room asking where an item is and it can literally be front and centre in front of him. So let’s see how long it will take for him to notice the Halloween decor.

Tuesday 2nd August

I thought I’d start small and just add a decoration that blends in a bit more with our house. This gold skull we’ve had for soooo long I honestly can’t remember where we got it, but it’s technically a money box (I’ve never used it as that). I thought this would be something the husband could easily miss because it did use to be one of our everyday home decor – tell you the truth not sure why it was put away. I thought the gig was up when he was cutting up some cheese but nope. Nothing.

Tuesday 23rd August

It’s been a while since since the skull, part of the reason was I couldn’t find last years damn decorations. I found them, up super high in the garage so it will be an adventure collecting the box – I hope a mouse doesn’t jump out at me. So anyway I found other decor inside the house in a more reachable location. I have had these hand made jar lanterns for a few years now, they have battery powered led candle lights inside (look great in the dark). I have a few of them but I thought I could gradually bring them out as the week goes on. I put two on our bookshelves in the main area of the house (literally the first thing you see as you walk in). I thought the gig was up….nope oblivious. It looks like reaching September seems to be a big possibility.

Sunday 28th August

I saw these at TKMAXX (that’s what it’s called here in Australia) and thought they looked perfect for my kitchen. By the way Halloween stuff has come out early this year! Stores are ready to go to bring out all the stock once Fathers Day has been and they can ditch all that’s shit. These tea towel are just for show! They really don’t dry very good they just are purely for decorating. My husband was making a roast in the kitchen, was literally in the area all of the tea towels were displayed.

Wednesday 31st August

This one I know he won’t notice, it involves fruit. I switched the banana bowl (other fruit is stored elsewhere) for my cobwebbed bowl. Yes my bananas are starting to go a bit brown but those go in smoothies so I don’t really give a shit. As I suspected yep didn’t notice!

Friday 2nd September

Ok I got sick of waiting for him to notice so I thought I’d go all out. This was the part of decorating I was the most excited about. I even did a little try out last weekend to see how it would look (I then quickly put away after he came out of his 40 minute toilet visit). I stood and waited for him to notice……30 minutes later “oh your putting up the decorations”. YAY! He finally noticed. I could have let this go longer but I honestly was getting sick of waiting for a reaction.

I admit I did get over him not noticing the bloody decorations, Mr Oblivious! this makes me think I might be able to keep Christmas presents out in pain sight and he won’t notice…this is giving me ideas. Anyway stay tuned for more Halloween posts, I’m not done decorating!

IM OUT!!!!


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