TikTok told me to try it again

It happened again, I stumbled across a tiktok that caught my eye and made me have to try something out. So apparently if you mix Fireball and Pineapple juice it tastes just like a Pumpkin Pie. What!!! Seriously what is this witchcraft?! Of course I had to see if this was right.

So with this little experiment you simply need Fireball and Pineapple juice. You need 1 part Fireball and 3 parts pineapple juice. Ok nice and simple – I might add in the name of science I had to go out and buy pineapple juice. Anyhoo let’s do this. So basically all you have to do is 1 part Fireball and 3 parts pineapple juice. Very easy, I like when something can be made up with very little ingredients. So I will mention I had to do this twice because I jumped the gun a bit and made this with warm pineapple juice. The first time I got too excited to try this and put freshly bought warm pineapple juice in and it tasted HORRIBLE. I don’t know what it is, I love pineapple – but when the juice it not icy cold it makes me gag. So the first time was a bit of a bust.

The second time, however I made sure I waited until it was nice and cold before I tried this out. This actually was really lovely, both flavours worked so well together and it didn’t feel like my face was burning off. The cinnamon and pineapple worked so well, I actually want to make something with this combo. This feel like a drink I could order if I ever go to a bar, just something different. Now the question is:


I am going to be 100% honest here, I didn’t get the pumpkin pie taste. I get how people could have maybe put it together I don’t know with the cinnamon taste I guess. I was so badly wanting this to work because I do like pumpkin pie and it is hard to find here in Australia (its not that common here). When I find it I jump on that shit or I would have to enjoy it home made. This to me looked like a way to enjoy it with little effort in making it. It was delicious don’t get me wrong but I didn’t get pie from it. I must be the weird person that didn’t get that flavour from it or maybe the pineapple juice that I happened to have been using didn’t give off that flavour and its down to the type of pineapple juice you use. I did notice in a lot of the videos everyone was using DOLE pineapple juice so maybe that could have contributed to the flavour?

Anyway this little experiment has made me my new drink of choice, it was delicious – I will state I can’t have too many (all that juice will no doubt give me wicked heartburn). But yeas another video that forced me to try something out, let me know if you got the taste of pumpkin pie when you did it.

IM OUT!!!!


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