Let’s Pack!!!

So for our little getaway to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, the husband and I were sticking to Victoria. After the fuck around with the airline we just thought it would be safe to stick to staying within the state. We already booked this trip a week before our actual anniversary because the oldest spawn is still on school holidays and my mum could watch them then. We didn’t want to risk having dramas coming home causing my mum more time off of work and us too. So we stuck local. We were gone for four days, one of those we went on a winery tour and the rest we just went exploring. I thought I would share some things I packed and some outfits- so this is the looks of the week.


Because we were driving to our location I wanted to be comfortable in the car. I wanted to be comfy BUT not looking too relaxed we did have a little stop over at CHADSTONE Shopping Centre on the way. As if we couldn’t child free and able to do a bit of shopping why not! Sorry about the awkward pose I actually was holding the charger cord while it was plugged in the wall – don’t know why I didn’t put it down but my stupid ass still held on to it.


Winery day outfit! I honestly wanted to channel my inner Pinterest photo. This is a really nice summer/ spring dress that can be done up and casual-ised up. I usually avoid midi style dresses due to my height (short-ass) but with the leg slit it really worked well and didn’t make me look ridiculous. When we went I was unsure about the weather since it was cold leading up to the trip and the weather report didn’t really strike up much confidence. I did pack boots just in case it was going to get a little chilly- still most likely was going to rock the dress because it’s not often I can rock this shit and we’ll wine will warm me up. I did opt for the converses which were perfect since once I had a few too many wines I wasn’t too worried about almost stacking it.


Top from H&M, Jeans from Jay Jays and Boots from Rubi

So this was our last full day away, we just kind of had a little drive around and explored checking to the beaches. Obviously the weather wasn’t really beach weather. It was sunny but not really weather that you’d feel like going and frolicking at the beach. This outfit also clocked over for a nice dinner at the hotel restaurant.


Lazy comfortable clothes for the last day, I knew wed be coming straight home and pretty much just be bumming around until the spawns returned (my mum took them on a little adventure for the day)

Gym Clothes Yes I am that person that works out while they are away, I like to at least once get a workout in. It worked out great because while the husband went off to play a round of golf one morning I had a workout and glammed myself up in that time

Makeup, Skincare and Haircare These were all in individual toiletry bags. This way I knew exactly where to find certain items when looking. I find its better organisation to pack these things separate just incase something leaks.

Hair Straightener hear me out this actually worked out in my favour. I packed two! I packed on in my bag and left one out to do my hair the morning we left for our getaway then in my rush after it cooled down threw it in the car forgetting I actually packed one already. This worked out good because the one I had originally packed decided to not work very well. So I saved myself any stress.

Funny story about packing this was actually the third time I packed my bag. The first time I packed wayyy to casually – lots of lazing around outfits. The second time I tried to go full fashionista and pack a ridiculous amount of clothes knowing full well I would only wear a small percentage of them. Does anyone else do that pack items thinking on holidays they will develop a different persona and think they will rock clothes they would never wear on a good day? Like I mentioned yesterday I thought I’d take a two week break to enjoy time with the husband and celebrate- plus I had a heap of work (yes I actually do have a job) before we left and when we got home.



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