Let’s get fancy with wine

I have never been on a winery tour! I admit Ive been to many wineries in my lifetime but never a winery tour. I have always wanted to go on one but I’ve never really had a group of friends that all wanted to go at the same time or they didn’t like wine. So for my little get away with the husband we decided to give a tour a go. We didn’t want to be stuck on a bus the whole day with a bunch of assholes or we end up being the tipsy assholes with a bunch of people looking down at us so we opted for a private tour.

After searching around we found For the Love of Grape winery tours. They run at multiple areas around Victoria. Because it was a private tour it did cost us a lot but once we added up everything its seemed fairly ok.

What was included our tour:

  • Picked up from our hotel and dropped off at the end of the day at our hotel
  • 3 Wineries around the Mornington Peninsula (with winery tasting included)
  • Lunch at one of the wineries and a glass of wine
  • Fourth venue was at a Gin Distillery but drinks were extra

This saved us the hassle of having to find Ubers or Taxis to each location and all of the guess work. I loved the fact that we were picked up and dropped off at our hotel. The private car meant that we were able to enjoy the scenery and our lovely driver was very laid back and was great to talk to. It also meant if we made any purchases at the wineries we could leave it in the car and not have to lug anything around with us for the day. Before we headed to our final location (Gin Distillery) our driver took us to a lookout to just enjoy the scenery and capture some photos. Unfortunately for me by this point i was well and truely buzzed from all of the wine and I looked a bit glassy eyed.

Now with the wine tastings I was a little worried we would be seen as a less favourable couple to work with. The husband isn’t as big a wine fan as I amend I’m guessing the chick with the bright coloured hair screams trashy to some people. But to my surprise that wasn’t the case we were treated at every location by the staff.

The first winery gave us a list of all of their wines and let us pick 4 wines to taste and gave us an extra to try because it was a special event we were celebrating. The rest of the wineries had pre selected their wines for us to test. Now with the wine tastings, if you have never done one, what they do it give you tasting from white to red. you don’t mix and match your wine (example; drink one white then red then back to white). You also get a spit cup and a glass of water to cleanse the palette. I did not need a spit cup I loved every glass! Each wine tested we were given a bit of details about the flavours to look out for and a little background. This actually was a very informative adventure and I loved every minute learning about all of the different grapes and flavours.

Surprisingly the husband actually LOVED the wine. He said he did love the reds a lot more than the whites but all were really delicious. Im assuming the mans just had cheap as wine and it tasted like petrol- that would cause anyone to steer clear of wine.

I found each winery had a great atmosphere and were all unique in their own little way. If you are wondering whether to go on a winery tour definitely give it a try. Its a great day adventure and the things you learn are fantastic. Of course I have included the company we went through below for you to check out. Im actually already looking at doing another tour in January (different location) because I had such an amazing time.

IM OUT!!!!

For the Love of Grape


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