Halloween Decor

Wow the title sounds fancy. I haven’t gotten all fancy on you don’t worry but I thought I would share my Halloween decorations Ive put up around my house. We are getting close to Halloween so I am a bit excited for that. Unfortunately as soon as Halloween is done I’m clocking over to Christmas Mode……probably with some halloween decorations still up because I like having them up so much I want to keep a lot of it out.

These we saw in my original post from September this is a mixture of goodies from TK MAXX, Woolworths and The Candle is from SHORT STORY.

This light up sign stays out all year round usually with a smart ass comment made on it. I kept it basic this year. These skulls I actually picked up from Kmart. They are ceramic and you can paint them. Obviously we went multicolour just too we could keep these out all year round. The oldest spawn helped paint.

All of these I picked up from Woolworths/ Coles while shopping, Im really loving the selection for Halloween this year.

This I picked up from BigW. I actually wanted to buy this last year. Big W were constantly posting their Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween range online. But here was the catch I was in lockdown leading up to Halloween last year so it was ridiculously hard to buy online. The second I would put my State in automatically the items were not available. It was bullshit. I got it this year and I found Big W were very quick with the Halloween turn around, pretty much now most of the products have been pulled from the shelves to make way for the Christmas stuff they are bringing out.

And finally these little pumpkin solar LED lights for outside. These sell out ridiculously quick!! I saw these last year at Woolworths and when I went back to buy them they were sold out. This year I was on the look out for them and again they are popular and I fortunately managed to get two. Maybe next year I’ll get more. I like these when its dark they look amazing. I did keep these in the backyard, I know this type of shit would attract thieves.

This year seriously has gotten away from me, one day its July next its almost November!!! Halloween this year Ive been posting more on social media than here strangely enough. IDIOT!

IM OUT!!!!


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