Izzzz it any Good?

This drink has come up in my social media feed so much, it’s ridiculous! Obviously I had to try this out so why not now while the weather is getting better (well planning on getting better, I’m staying hopeful) and we are giving the winter blues the middle finger and preparing to kick back in the sun with a nice cocktail.

So IZZ! Cocktails are canned cocktails that are Australian made, contain all natural ingredients, low sugar, under 100 calories (90 Calories), gluten free and are vegan friendly. Personally none of this applies to me, when drinking I don’t give a shit about calories. But saying that I’ve found lately that low calorie and low sugar drinks tend to taste a lot lighter and refreshing and not so in your face sweet and almost sickening. I will state that drinks now are getting better with making drinks on the lighter side but still maintaining flavour. I found that years ago when trying low sugar/low calorie drinks the flavours were lost (some brands still haven’t mastered this) but it seems to be more and more common and brands are managing to create a great drink that is low cal/ low sugar. I’m also neither gluten intolerant or vegan but this is pretty good for people who are.

So there are 2 different flavoured cans, I just stuck with the Watermelon Margarita to start with. Each can is 330ml and 4.0% ALC/VOL, they cost $23.99 AUD for a pack of 4. Which isn’t too bad to be honest, its a cocktail never cheap out with your cocktails. So let’s get to it, When opening up the can I immediately smelt that delicious sweet watermelon scent. Seriously this smell I want to always have as an air freshener, its such a great smell. This is were I got a little surprise, the can itself is white with green so me stupidly assumed it would be a green colour drink, but it was actually a pink colour.

The flavour was really nice, it was sweet but not sickening. It was a light and refreshing taste, it didn’t taste like I was drinking something like a seltzer, but it felt similar to it in the sense that it was light and didn’t feel like your stomach was filling up with sugars. I actually enjoyed this I ended up putting it in a cocktail cup with some ice. The watermelon flavour it reminded me of almost a watermelon gelato. I loved this little twist on a margarita.

IZZ! this any good? HELL YEAH!! This was delicious I enjoyed this in the safety of my home while the wind and rain hit. Nothing says Spring more than constant downfalls of rain. I am so ready for summer, I felt like winter dragged out and was frankly getting miserable Im ready for warmer days (NOT HOT) but pleasant warmer days to kick back on my favourite outdoor lounge chair. Be prepared to see many posts with me beached on it.

IM OUT!!!!



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