Oooo Peachy

So last week I mentioned that I was looking for a specific drink and stumbled across the Captain Morgan Tropical. Well this was the drink I was originally looking for, the Billsons Peaches and Cream Vodka drink. Yes another Billsons. Seriously these guys keep bringing out more and more flavours and they all look amazing and I just can’t keep up! Im sorry but as long as they keep bringing out more and more flavours you can bet that I will be trying them out.

We’ll keep this short and sweet. Ive done my fair share of Billsons reviews now so we all know the deal with them (below I have attached previous posts if you aren’t caught up. will already state I had very high expectations with this drink, with these Vodka soft drinks they just keep getting better and better. The smell I could immediately pick the Peaches scent. tasting it ohhh wow it was so delicious. You for sure got the Peaches and Cream flavours, it was also like a Peach ice cream. The drinks flavours started off with the taste of a Peach soft drink followed by a Creamy aftertaste. These two worked together so well and it was not overly sweet that it got sickening. It really reminded me of a sort of ice cream but with out the sickening creaminess. The only way I can think of the closest way to describe this as a food is, if you have ever had a SPLICE ice cream. Its got the Lime/ Pineapple (sorry I blanked on the flavours) ice-pop outer flavour and inside is the ice cream flavour. Imagine that in a peach flavour.

Well guys Ive just noticed the last few posts are alcohol related. Just realised. We’ll use this as a prepping for all of the celebrations over the Christmas and New Years period for what drinks you can enjoy while celebrating. heck out the links below for any other Billsons posts.

IM OUT!!!!



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