Let’s get Nostalgic

I know its early to be posting any Christmas posts but I do have good reason for this one. I wanted to avoid the crowds so I decided to go in November. Just thought Id clear this up before people get on my case about starting Christmas shit in November. So MYERS (for people not from Australia) is a department store franchise. They have a big store in Melbourne CBD and each year for the Christmas period (like all stores they start at the start of November) they have a display in the stores front windows. Each year it has a specific theme/ story in which they have a scene in each of the windows and it has some animatronics to make it more enjoyable to watch rather than a still puppet.

Now this was something I did with my family as a kid it was always good to spend a day out in the city after seeing the windows. When our oldest spawn was little we would take her but over the last few years we gave it a miss (obviously COVID stopped us for two of those years). This year I wanted to give it a little visit since this years theme was Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney, I mean come on. So the windows themselves ( in no particular order) scenes from Mickey Mouse and Gang, Peter Pan, Lion King, Frozen, Mary Poppins and a shot of the all so iconic Disneyland Castle. Each display included music from the films which I couldn’t help looking like a crazy person dancing to in the street. Apologies for the not so spectacular shots, the glare really messed it up and going any closer pissed a lot of people that were live streaming the whole experience. Seriously some of the adults there were live streaming to Facebook and flipping their shit when anyone (mainly kids) got into their shots- people need to stop doing this!

This whole trip took me back to my childhood and the spawns actually enjoyed seeing the characters. I will say going in early morning (they windows start at 7:30am – we went in 8:30am) to beat the crowds, really as the day goes on it just gets more and more insane and the chances of seeing anything are pretty slim. Even the time we went there was a few people there, it was mainly elderly people and young families. Obviously the closer to Christmas the busier this will get so it is always good to go earlier. Im trying to avoid driving to the CBD (and really trying to avoid driving much at the moment) the traffic is insane!!! Seriously what is it about the end of the year that drivers just go mental, over the last week I have seen multiple car accidents (not serious ones) its blowing my mind. Be safe everyone please. Below is the link to check out the MYERS windows information, go check it out. Remember its FREE!!!

IM OUT!!!!

MYER Christmas Windows


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