My Kind of Advent Calendar

For many years I have seen many adult targeted Advent Calendars out on the market. Some of them I look at and go “ooooh that would be nice” then realise that only a few items out of the lot I’d actually like and either tolerate the rest or just not really like it. This year I had a calendar that caught my eye and I just had to have it. A Billsons Advent Calendar! OH HELL YES!! I jumped out of my chair and I snatched up that shit almost instantly after seeing the post on their Instagram page. For those who don’t know I am a big fan of the Billsons soft drinks and vodka ready to drink cans. I have been trying a few as they have come out but many that I have been dying to try have been almost impossible to find in store. This Advent calendar comes with 24 different flavours and a lot I have been so excited to try out. Originally I was going to put this over a few posts and try them out over the month but I thought Ill share my tasting experience with these in later posts.

Like an excited kid I opened up each day to see what flavours I got and the selection did not disappoint. Im not 100% sure the selection is exactly the same for each one but well see. Some of these I have tried already and If I haven’t posted about them already Ill share my little tasting experience and the ones I have already tried Ive included the link to the original post.

DAY ONE : Portello

Ok Day one let’s do this!! Oh always kick off with a classic! Head to my original post on this classic.

These were a Surprise

DAY TWO: Creamy Soda

Another classic flavour, funny story Creamy Soda was always the fancy treat my parents would get when I was a kid. Lemonade was a treat and if my parents were feeling like giving us an extra treat Ceramy soda was the way to go.

These were a Surprise

DAY THREE: Fruit Tangle

The Fruit Tangle, the Billsons take on a Fruit Tingle cocktail. Another great choice, this would be a perfect drink for those Christmas Parties to look like your going for a cocktail but sticking to a can so there’s less likely a spill. Check out my original post on this Delicious bad boy.

Are you ready to Tangle

DAY FOUR: Banoffee

This is an interesting one, I actually had to try this. Ill admit I would have glanced past this in the Liquor store but I thought nope I will try this. I will also mention I had to look up what BANOFFEE is. Once I looked it up I was a little worried about the flavour, but I should have faith in Billsons, they know what they are doing. The instant taste was the banana, it tasted like those little banana lollies you can get that are always in a mixed lolly bag. It had a bit of a lighter aftertaste, it was almost like a slightly sweet soda water taste to try to counteract the sweetness of the banana flavour. I should have trusted that it would be delicious, I actually had a can ready to go it it wasn’t to my liking. I defiantly judged wrong. AMAZING!!


I had this on the sidelines if the BANOFFEE wasn’t to my liking, but then I liked the Banoffee. I did end up having this shortly after though. Originally I was expecting this to sort of taste like the lime soft drinks from SCHWEPPS – very sweet. But this actually reminded me of a Lime Flavoured WHITE CLAW. Strange I know, but it was actually really nice it didn’t feel like an overly sweet soft drink, it had a little bit of a dry taste almost like a lime cocktail.

DAY SIX : Tropical Punch

Another one I just had to try out. This one I had been seeing constantly over social media but I just couldn’t find it anywhere. So it was exciting. This tasted just like a tropical punch. Could not taste the vodka, it tasted like someone just put all of these delicious fruit juices in a big punch bowl and made this amazing concoction. Immediately I thought of the Tipsy Bartender and his amazing drinks that he whips up.

DAY SEVEN: Fairy Floss

Ahh the sweet treat in a can. This is another drink perfect for a Christmas Party, if your feeling like a cocktail that’s already whipped up.

I found them

DAY EIGHT: Raspberry

Oh this classic drink I swear I didn’t realise had any vodka in it. It literally tasted like a Raspberry Soft drink. You could not tell in any way shape or form that this contained alcohol.

DAY NINE: Sarsaparilla

I figured this was going to be included. I will say here and now I do not like Sarsaparilla at all, to me it tastes like medicine. The husband loves it so I gave him the can and he let me have a sip to try to see if Billsons worked their magic to make it less gross. From the two sips I had it was a bit more drinkable. I found the taste a bit more pleasant but I did just stick to the 2 sips I felt if I tried another I might not be so lucky and it might go back to gross.

DAY TEN: Watermelon

This flavour has been extremely difficult to find, its just been so popular. That’s why I wanted it even more! I had to try this bad boy out ASAP! From first sip I was wishing someone cocked up and accidentally gave me two of the same flavour. It was so delicious. The flavour was just perfect, it was refreshingly light. It didn’t taste like an overwhelming sugary/ syrupy sweetness. The watermelon taste was sweet but not to the point your teeth feel like they are going to drop out. I now see why this was so popular.

DAY ELEVEN: Lemon Lime and Bitters

Ive always like getting a lemon lime and bitters at the pub when Im going out for dinner and I didn’t really feel like drinking. Its a nice flavour. This sadly is one I did get a little sick of while drinking. I nursed this drink so much that I ended up having to throw it out because the taste wasn’t doing it for me. Don’t get me wrong the original taste was good it hit the flavours right on the head, but I felt for me half way through the can I felt like it was overly dry and making me feel a bit like my teeth were getting furry. It reached a point that it went from pleasant to a bit sickening.

DAY TWELVE: Strawberries and Cream

I have tried this before and for some unknown reason I forgot to post about it. This is similar to the peaches and cream. When you first sip you get the sweet taste of strawberries followed by the creamy aftertaste. This was like a dessert I actually kept swishing the drink around in my mouth (yes Im disgusting). The taste was so delicious it was a nice sweet treat. I love how Billsons can create sweet drinks without making them sickly sweet.


OOOOO I’m intrigued with this one! I cannot wait to try this out. I will post when I try this out.

DAY FOURTEEN: Toffee Apple

This is another flavour I am nervous about. I find that Toffee Apple is a very in your face full on flavour. I am staying positive, this could go either way.

DAY FIFTEEN: Berry Jelly

I will start off by apologising I actually drank this before taking a photo. When I poured this beautiful purple drink into my cup I immediately got the sweet scent. It reminded me of a ICY POLE. I honestly didn’t get berry flavour, it kind of reminded me of a purple grape flavour drink. That’s not a bad thing by the way it was a nice flavour.

DAY SIXTEEN: Peaches and Cream

OH HELL YES!! I was hoping this was in the Calendar. I love this creamy goodness.

Check out My original post

OOOO Peachy

DAY SEVENTEEN: Rainbow Sherbet

This new flavour is intriguing. I am curious to see how this goes.

Stay Tuned

DAY EIGHTEEN: Passionfruit

This flavour I actually tried last New Years Eve. The Sister-In-Law had a heap and handed me one while I was talking about how amazing Billsons are. I honestly forgot how it tasted I think I thought Hey I tried it lets try something else.


This is from the Halloween Collection. I was so keen to try this I actually was looking for it but I wouldn’t have received it in time for Halloween.

DAY TWENTY: Green Apple

I like green apple flavoured drinks, I have had a few positive experiences with this flavour. I can only expect good things from Billsons.


WHAT!! I didn’t even know this existed!!! Holy crap I am so excited to taste this!! Will it taste like a candy cane or will it taste like a minty kind of mojito? Stay tuned


I mean really this had to be in the calendar, being Summer and all we had to have this tropical refresher.

Check out my original post

I found them


THIS is my unicorn! When I first saw it advertised I have been on the hunt for it! Everywhere I went either had sold out, didn’t stock it or would be eventually getting it in stock (but never did). I am so excited to try this flavour!

DAY TWENTY FOUR: Gingerbread

Another flavour I had absolutely no idea existed WOW!! This is interesting. Im torn whether to try this on Christmas Eve (the day its for) or leave it for Christmas Day to enjoy with Christmas lunch. I’ll see how I feel closer.

So a lot of these flavours I haven’t tried so I am excited to give them a little whirl. Obviously I can’t drink these everyday. I will mention that The Christmas themed drink I will enjoy a lot closer to Christmas as I feel that suits a lot better. I will post about the flavours that I haven’t tried yet later on down the track. If anyone wants to check out some Billsons products Ive put their link below.




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