Christmas Decorations…..

Unlike Halloween I actually waited until the festive month to decorate. I thought I would share some of the decor I put around my house and also my very first attempt to putting lights outside.

i mean really as if I wouldn’t include paper chains with my holiday decoration……sorry if you were expecting Pinterest worthy.

Absolutely on brand with the re-purposing an old Gin bottle.

Appropriate since I have to move that fucking elf every night, why did I bring that into my house? That’s right Im an idiot

These leaf garlands have been a constant item at Christmas for a few years now, I usually put them around the TV or on the buffet but this year I put it on the two windows at the back (save us having to make anymore paper chains) I figured it might be a nice mix up. I added a few decorations to the window corners, mostly decor the spawns have made at day-care and school.

Of course the big guys going to be out on display. I know this is technically for outside decorations but it’s been windy and wet here in Melbourne if I leave that outside (even pegged to the ground) it will end up blown away. I like this as you walk in my house, give Santa a high five as you come in.

The tree of course. I refuse to use a real tree mainly because of the shedding and having to dispose of it after Christmas (I honestly have no clue where to toss it). Another reason is we already have a massive spider problem, Im trying not to encourage spiders. I mean we do get the odd one in the fake tree but after Ive sprayed it we’ve had no issues – they just go back to hiding in my bed.

So I was going to post some shots of my outside lights but I will save that for later tonight we can enjoy them fresh. I will say that my dumbass only this year realised you get plastic clips to clip the lights on to your gutters. SERIOUSLY I had no idea that’s how you put the lights up. Anyhoo here is some Christmas decorations, I cannot believe its almost Christmas what the hell? This year has absolutely flown.

IM OUT!!!!


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