No Gingerbread House Here…

Every year I attempt on making a Gingerbread house as a way to really get into the Christmas Spirit. The oldest spawn and I have been doing it every year and have honestly made some questionable creations. This year I thought I’d mix it up and try a different route. I recently saw a little advertisement from KITKAT showing someone making a little house using Kit Kats, melted chocolate and lollies. This seemed simple enough to do and I thought at least the chocolate won’t go stale and we could keep our creation in the fridge and hack away at it when we feel like a bit of chocolate. This seemed simple enough to do and I made sure I didn’t attempt this on a hot day.

What You Need…..

1 x 290g Cooking chocolate to melt (Milk Chocolate)

1 x 290g Cooking chocolate to melt (White Chocolate)

2 x Blocks Kit Kat GOLD (you can use any flavours- this is for the roof)

4 x Blocks of Kit Kat

Any lollies for decorations ( I used smarties and Jubes)

What to do…..

Cut up two of the blocks, these will be the ends of the house. Just a warning the blocks do break easy. Cut of a few blocks off of the side wall block to make the house a bit shorter. trim the roof blocks if needed (I did). If your feeling brave you can cut out windows and a door in the chocolate blocks.

Melt the milk chocolate in the microwave. put bowl in microwave and put on for 30 seconds stir and then put on for 30 seconds again – repeat until chocolate is melted (sorry I discovered recently the husband has no idea how to melt chocolate correctly). Once melted use as glue to put all of the house pieces together ( you might need another set of hand to hold it in place until chocolate hardens). Once the house is set up melt the white chocolate and attach the roof to the house.

Once the house is put together use the melted chocolate to give a snow effect to the house. I also added a door with some of the spare chocolate. Decorate before the chocolate hardens.

This actually wasn’t a bad idea. I will mention I made sure my house was ridiculously cold with the air conditioner blasting. That was good because the house hardened a lot quicker, BUT it meant that I had to work very quickly – as you can tell with the final product. This was a lot easier than making this with Gingerbread. I do love gingerbread but I find that its a very slow process and the chances of it ending in disaster are very high. Plus gingerbread goes stale really quickly. This was great to enjoy and it would last a lot longer……if we weren’t chocolate fiends and ate the whole thing in one day. It might not look perfect but it was a bigger success that what Ive had in the past with the Gingerbread.



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