Boozy Candy Cane

Hell yes we are trying the Christmas themed Billsons. This flavour I received in the advent calendar (which I checked out every day to see what flavours I got). As it was my absolute delight getting this unique flavour in my calendar, I was going into this a bit wary on how the flavours would go.

Ok so I was straight out expecting an overwhelming minty smell when I opened this drink. Surprisingly it wasn’t minty i got the scent of a hard Lolly, you know the ones in clear wrapping. Seriously I thought I’ll just get mint with this, but I keep underestimating the Genius of Billions. First sip you get a sweet flavour you can’t put your finger on, but then it morphs into liquid candy cane! Seriously when tasting this you could tell YEP! Candy Canes all the way. I do not how they managed to make this taste exactly like candy canes but they did! I really enjoyed this!

I have to stop being so worried when trying Billions, they know what they are doing here! As you may have noticed the Starbucks Christmas adventure came to a stop. Me trying to get more excited about the lead up to Christmas stupidly thought I could go to Starbucks in the weeks leading to Christmas with no worries. It has been packed everyday and by everyday I mean everyday! The insanity on the roads, I mean I just couldn’t go one more time and have to turn away so I figured I’d lead up to Christmas with a delightful Billsons adventure instead. Next year if I’m going on a Starbucks drinks adventure, I’m starting in in November!



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