The Boujee Camper

In one of the many random purchases my husband has made and surprised me with this take the cake. A few months ago my husband came home and told me he had bought a caravan for some future family holidays. As much as this was a surprise it’s honestly wasn’t a bad one, I had been talking about getting one for some small trips when we have long weekends or during the spawns school holidays. For a first trip we decided to go for a week to a caravan park by the beach from Christmas to after New Years. Just for the first trip we decided to go somewhere familiar to my husband.

As little back story; pretty much since my husband was a baby, every year his parents would book a caravan site by the beach from about October/November til about April. They would keep their caravan there the whole time and come and go as they pleased. Basically after the Christmas break they would go stay there on their days off then return home for work. We aren’t staying at this location for nearly as long as my in-Laws, we’re just going for about 10 Days. With this camping trip it is in no way roughing it, the caravan park has all of the ammenities needed. We have a shower block (which has pin code lock to stop random members of the public trashing it) and it is fairly clean along with toilets. We are right near the beach, have access to power and everything. Now its been a while since I’ve stayed in a caravan, I am happy that with this trip I won’t be sharing with with my in-laws, feeling cramped and like I don’t have my own space to relax. But saying that I learnt over the years when I did go down to stay it came with a few things that made my slightly high maintenance self a bit uncomfortable.

So I have bought a few items with me in order to make sure my trip is as comfortable as possible:


This is a must! I know at some point I will be sitting and enjoying a wine outside (I am on holidays) but what will be absolutely inevitable is the bugs. I bought this wine tumbler (it can be used for any drink really) from CORKCICE, I has a lid that can open a close so no bugs get in when you put your drink down. Its triple insulated which is excellent since it is summer and can also keep hot drinks hot for 3+ hours if you want to put a hot drink in.



So our caravan has a sink and running water. I wanted to save myself taking up the sink space in the shower/toilet block in order to wash my face, brush my teeth, do my hair or makeup (if I want to be fancy). This will work for everyone, it will also save the spawns losing their shit because the shower/toilet block is right next to a playground. So it will save them losing their shit when Im trying to wind them down for the night brushing their teeth in the caravan instead of passing the fun. I got the light up mirror mainly because if the lighting in the van is a bit dull or someones sleeping I can just have the little light.

I got this from K-MART, you can find any of these on Amazon or Target


So for my shower situation, because I don’t want to be an asshole that takes forever holding up the shower line. I just want to wash, get dressed and go finish my regular grooming back at the caravan. This bag will be for my toiletries and clothes. This will save me lugging my stuff to the block without the risk of dropping my underwear on the ground accidentally and only realising after I get out of the shower. I went with this because even though in the showers they have a shelf for your belongings, it is always wet. I don’t want wet clothes and this can easy be wiped dry after each use.

I got this from H and M I think this was from the kids section.


I can already feel some eye rolls. Hear me out! Im a big creature of habit and for the last almost 3 years Ive had a smoothie for breakfast (mornings are insane) and while I will have the odd day with eggs on holidays I like to have the option to make a smoothie if I feel like one for breakfast. Also I will be on holidays so Im making cocktails in this bad boy! Im tempted to see if I can make a few Frose’ cocktails.



We have the space for this so its coming. Yes there is a thing called instant coffee, but I don’t want to start my day off shit! Im not a fan of instant coffee (well, Ill drink it if I literally have no other option – I won’t be happy about it). We have the space in the van so why the hell not take my coffee machine with us. It means I can start my day off on a good note and I will need the coffee to keep me alert and ready to go with the constant moving around I’ll be doing with two overly excited spawns

These are just some of the items I’m taking on my trip to the caravan park. Pretty happy about being comfortable while away and really hoping I don’t get burnt to a damn crisp.

IM OUT!!!!


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