I’m back!!!

Hello friends, I’m back after my brief hiatus. First off Happy 2023! I honestly was planning on returning sooner but, School Holidays. I crap you not it has been non stop with the spawns in my face, following me everywhere I go – I go to the toilet I will have a set of eyes watching me. Working is hard with them swell with the constant talking and needing my undivided attention it was impossible to think and type anything. So I thought it would be best just to wait until school is back and we can get this show on the road.

So lets get up to speed, I went caravanning at New Years was an experience – defiantly get a caravan with air con that is my best advice! Having that was a life saver on the ridiculously hot days. Ive done a lot of actives to entertain the spawns (acted like a big kid). I went on a winery tour, unfortunately there will be no post in regards to this little venture. I went on the tour with 6 of my friends and we were too busy chatting and getting wined up for me to capture any shots of the locations – it was thought the same company the husband and I went through late last year, check out the post below for details. But I will say it was a great day.

Lets get Fancy with Wine

Also last Wednesday it was my Birthday! I celebrated as anyone would by stuffing my face with all kinds of treats and enjoyed a delicious sangria. As well as being spoilt rotten with messages and gifts from friends and family.

Ok so caught up…..

We are going to have another fantastic year of me trying out new drinks, foods, recipes, shit off Tik Tok, places, you name it I will be trying it out! Im ready for us to go down the rabbit hole together.



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