Ooooo Gingerbread

Of course I had to kick off this year with a Billsons post. This particular one I have been curious to try since I pulled it out of my Christmas Advent calendar. To me this could go either way it could taste just like gingerbread in liquid form or could just be a lazy interpretation and just taste like ginger ale or gingerbeer. Not that ginger ale is bad I actually love it, same with gingerbeer. Actually gingerbeer I can only have a few sips of then it starts to get a bit sickening. But ginger ale I can down with no worries- maybe because the flavours not as intense. Anyway side tracked there, I love gingerbread, I love Billsons and I am excited for this.

I will just come out and say it but this was such a delicious gingerbread drink. I enjoyed this on Christmas Day while dressed in my fabulous Christmas attire. This was a light, almost creamy canned cocktail (Im calling it a cocktail) had a delicious cinnamon spice to it and it just tasted like I was drinking a Gingerbread cookie. The sweetness of the drink wasn’t sickening and was very pleasant to drink. This felt like Christmas in a can, I am hoping that this will be available next Christmas and I will be stocking up for the Christmas Day celebrations.

Stay tuned for more Billsons posts I am in the process of typing up all of the flavours I tried out of the Advent calendar, some are good, some are not so good. But there will be more posts coming and by the looks of Billsons they are bringing out more and more flavours so there will be many new flavours for me to try.



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