Valentines Challenge

So Valentines Day is coming up, sorry guys no ascetically pleasing house decor, food or gifts coming from me. I will however be providing a Valentines Challenge inspired by a Tik Tok trend. I came across the Couples Target Challenge, were couples are given categories in which to buy gifts for their significant other and only buy from Target. Now obviously this was in the US where Target is a bit different from our Target in Australia. The Target over there is kind of a mash up of a supermarket and a department store with clothes, electronics, toys and so on. So instead of making it a Target challenge, we (the husband and I) will be doing our own little challenge and giving it a budget of $100.

We created our own categories to buy each others gifts, as seen below:

Something Sweet
– Something they like to drink
– Something with their initials
– Something for them to wear
– Something in their favourite colour

Im going to be honest initially I went into this really cocky and thought to myself hell yeah I’m going to smash this, proved to be a bit of a struggle to keep it under the $100 and getting something the husband would actually like. For Something Sweet, that was the first I was able to get and it was the easiest. The husband isn’t really into sweet all that much, well he like particular lollies and chocolates but I thought Id go extra and make his favourite dessert. Sticky Date Pudding with custard. Lucky I found a packet mix in the supermarket and I will be able to make it on Valentines day Before he comes home from work. For Something They Like to Drink I got him a mini Bacardi Bottle and a Vanilla Coke so he can make up a little cocktail to enjoy. Something with their Initials, I did struggle to find something with his initials D & K. Originally I was going to go with something Donkey Kong themed but I know he wouldn’t be too keen on the things I was picking so I opted for Doughnut King doughnuts. I know he likes doughnuts and figured why not add another treat. For Something for Him to Wear, straight away I knew he would love a new hat. He likes collecting caps (specifically sports teams). This one did take a chunk of my $100 budget since the caps his interested in are $50. Finally I had to get Something in his favourite Colour, Green. Now I have a game plan for this on V day I’m going to try get him a green doughnut and a green tshirt. At least if I can’t find the doughnut I have the tshirt ready to go. His a man who loves his loungewear so one more comfortable tee he’d love.

This was a good little mix it up from what we usually do which is either ask what the other wants like its Christmas or their Birthday or we exchange cards. This was a good change up and it was fun to try find something within the categories. Highly suggest this for Valentines this year, I will definitely keep you updated for how it goes down on Valentines Day.



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