Just a Margi?

LETS TRY SOME MARGI’S!!! This year we are going to find the perfect cocktails in a can. I love cocktails, they are delicious and fun. But the big downside to them is the making part. I hate making a massive mess for my cocktail and being the neat freak I am I can’t enjoy it until the area is clean. The clean up is the pain in the ass. Plus its just time consuming. So that’s why Im venturing to find all of the great Ready to Drink cocktails to enjoy. This week we shall try JUST.


330ml | 4.2% ALC/VOL | 105 Calories

Right now I have been trying a lot of these Margarita cocktails in a can, Im really liking the flavours and feel like these are always a great go to drink. Of course I had to start off with an original Margi, I mean how could I not. This was the perfect set up it was a lazy Saturday and the weather was pleasant, let do this. By the first sniff of this drink I was hoping for the citrus scent I figured this was going to a lot lighter in regards to flavour and smell. But this honestly had little scent to it really. Taking a sip I was really disappointed to me it felt like a was drinking a seltzer with a drop of flavour to it. I get this drink is supposed to be lighter but it doing so the flavours gone.


330ml | 4.2% ALC/VOL | 115 Calories

At first sniff this didn’t really have a powerful scent. I was expecting the sweet watermelon scent all of these ready to drink cocktails have but it was barely there. I was hoping this would redeem the Margis by the watermelon by being the better out of the two. This was not a good start. Drinking it, it was super carbonated I was very gassy which was a little off putting and like the regular Margi I felt it was really bland. The watermelon flavour was very faint, I really had to search for it. I had to swish the drink in my mouth. I was seriously hoping this would have been the better one out of the two but again it was not good.

I had such high hopes for these and they were honestly very underwhelming. I felt like these weren’t very flavourful and just felt like a plain carbonated drink. I hate making negative reviews, but I have to be honest that these just missed the mark in flavour. When writing this up I just had to see what the reviews said and it seemed to be a common thing, that the flavours just weren’t enjoyable and it was very bland. I was really looking forward to these but they just were not good. Anyway we can’t always have winners.

IM OUT!!!!!


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