I did it! I was influenced by the Kardashians. I swear non stop lately my social media has been flooded with reviews for the SKIMS bodysuit and by skims I mean they are technically Skims reviews but brands have been reposting videos of women reviewing SKIMS and putting it as their own . You know just scamming everyone. Before we go on any further I will mention this is my second time writing this post, I actually had written the post in it entirety to only realise as I was about to schedule this post that it was completely wiped. It had also only saved and tiny amount of the original post so honestly this made me a little pissed writing this all over again!!! Anyhoo back to it. I had an upcoming wedding and this was the first wedding Ive been to since June 2019 and before that one it was YEARS since I had been to a wedding.

Now originally I was just going to wear a jumpsuit which I had worn to the previous wedding, BUT. In good old Melbourne Weather fashion we suddenly had a massive heat wave. Which meant the jumpsuit would no longer be an option and I had to find a dress. I ended up finding a beautiful green dress that I absolutely loved the only issue was that you could see my underwear lines through the dress. Now normally I wouldn’t care about this but the dress had some details to it and I thought with some underwear lines it would look weird. So I thought it would be time to try shape wear again.

Yes this isn’t my first rodeo wearing shape wear under a dress at a wedding. Many Many years ago I wore highly recommended shape wear and I had a somewhat unfortunate time with it. It was thick, bulky, kept rolling down and you could tell under my dress that I was actually wearing it. It wasn’t a great experience and for many many years I dint even entertain the idea of wearing it ever again. I didn’t even wear shape wear to my own Wedding! So since I was getting all of these SKIMS knock off advertisements thrown in my face all over social media I figured hey why not try the actual SKIMS brand. Originally I looked on the SKIMS website and I realised there may be a chance it might not arrive in time. So I was back at square one trying to find somewhere else to help me out, that was until while walking through David Jones department store I came across the SKIMS display. I didn’t get the viral bodysuit mainly because you would see the straps and the top of the bodysuit underneath my dress so I ended up getting the SEAMLESS SCULPTING HIGH WAIST BRIEF in Cocoa.

“Invisible Under Everything, This Supportive, High-Rise Shapewear Brief Holds In Your Core While Shaping And Lifting Your Butt. The Whisper-Soft And Seamless Construction Makes This Butt Sculpting Piece A Staple For Enhancing Your Body’ Natural Shape.” SKIMS

The whole point of this shape wear was to make sure I didn’t have the daggy underwear lines showing and just smoothed out everything to help show off the dress. I didn’t care about the colour I chose since I usually wear darker colours no one would see it through my dress. This cost $64.95 AUD, which out of all honesty I was expecting a lot more for this so I wasn’t to bothered about the price.

So let’s get to the product shall we: opening it up I did think it looked pretty small and did get a little worried I’d struggle to breathe when it came to wearing it and would struggle getting it on. But I wanted to trust the process with this. The material actually did feel really nice and soft. When I touched it you could tell the quality was there. I did like this little feature inside the top of the waistband, it had this rubbery strip that would keep it from rolling down- which is what the issue was the first time I wore shape wear. Getting it on was a hilarious little shimmy but once on it sat perfectly. I was shocked that while wearing it I didn’t feel like I was short of breath or sucked in uncomfortably. Because it was ridiculously hot on the day the only real issue was when I went to the bathroom it would take a little longer to pull the bottoms back up with my sweaty body. This also was an excellent barrier for between my sweaty back and dress. One of the things I was worried about when I saw the weather report was the sweat patches on my dress, this saved me having any worries. it helped keep the sweat in and I didn’t end up having any patches.

Overall with SKIMS (and I really hate to say it) but I was pretty impressed with this product and I actually want to buy more products from them (what have I become). These were seriously surprising, even though I have seen may reviews on them I am sceptical when it comes to brand sun by celebrities. But these were actually really good and I will say I looked damn fine in my dress on the night (check me out below).

IM OUT!!!!


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