Valentines Day Update

Yes I know valentines Day has come and gone but I figured Id quickly give a little feedback on our Valentines Day Challenge. You all thought I forgot. If you didn’t read the original post about the challenge check it out- the link is below.

First off the Husband loved his gifts and actually the whole challenge. It meant we could go outside the box when it came to gift giving and frankly it was a lot of fun. We actually decided this would be a yearly thing but each year of course change up the categories so we don’t end up gifting the same thing each year.

From my husband the gifts were as follows: Something Sweet – was a NYC loaded cookie from the Cookie Dough Co (check them out in this post These Cookies are Thick )I swear I slammed that Jam doughnut cookie so damn fast. For Something with their initials he had got me a G Keychain- Get it because my initials are GK. now the next gift was a two birds with one stone situation for Something for them to wear and Something in their favourite colour he had got me a blue headband, which actually looks good with my new hair colour (sorry the pink hairs gone away for a while). Finally Something they like to drink, he knew me so well got me a Margarita Mix, which he knew I have been dying to try. Honestly it could have either been something cocktails related or coffee related.

So this was a great gift challenge to do and was a total win!

IM OUT!!!!!

Valentines Day Challenge


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