Watermelon Margi

It’s time to try another Margarita in a can friends. This time I am trying out the Jose Cuervo Watermelon Sparkling Margarita. Now if you don’t remember I actually tried out the regular Margi last year ( It kept Calling my Name)and it was amazing. The original was so good that it’s pretty much a staple in the drinks fridge (along with the Billions of course). So this drink I already have extremely high expectations for. Like the regular Margi each can is 330ml with a 4.2% Alc/Vol. it’s basically 1.1 standard drinks. I purchased this for $24.99AUD (for a 4 pack) which is the same as the regular flavour, the price is fairly reasonable considering this is a cocktail in a can.

Ok so let’s get to trying this out. First opening the can I got the signature watermelon scent you get with pretty much any watermelon flavoured drinks. Mouth was already watering – I love that smell! Now first sip, I felt like I had been transported to a cocktail bar. This was freaking amazing! But this had a lot more flavour to it rather than just a simple watermelon flavoured tequila drink. It had the fruity sweetness of the watermelon along with the zesty lime flavours – This is what made it feel like an actual cocktail.

So this Margi was delicious! I can’t fault it, it tasted like a watermelon margarita hand made in a bar. The question now is, is it better than the original?? I will have to say no, but it’s a very close second. Nothing can beat the original (well not yet). But saying that, I will keep these in the fridge to accompany the original flavour just if I feel like a bit of sweetness. This has defiantly made me feel better after the experience I had a few weeks ago with another brand.



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