Can a Margi Mix actually be good?

So when it comes to the Margarita cocktails at home, the ready to drinks are either hit or miss – we will continue to see what brands are worth it. But can a Margarita mix that only requires you to add ice and tequila be any good? My past experiences I will admit we’re a little traumatising, the mixtures would be a toxic concoction of sugar and alcohol. The sweetness would be so overwhelming I felt my teeth holding on for dear life at the fear the mix would rot them. They were never good. But I remained hopeful that one day I would try a mix that wouldn’t potentially give me diabetes. It seems my favourite Margi brand (Jose Cuervo) has created a margarita mix. Now I saw this is the supermarket one day while I was shopping- I actually forgot to buy it. But lucky the husband knows me so well and bought me the mix as well as a Jose Cuervo tequila. Again I have high hopes for this brand.

So with the instructions it’s 3 parts margarita mix to 1 part tequila (recommend using the same brand). I made 2 versions of this cocktail, one regular margi and one frozen Margi. I admit I didn’t rim my glass with salt…..I have a tendency to lick it then get grossed out then bloody do it again. It’s one of my idiotic things.

So lets start! The margi was so delicious! This tasted exactly like the canned version, I was shocked on how amazing this tasted. I really wish I had put this is in one of my fancy cocktail glasses.

Second part I made the frozen margi. Now this was a will it or won’t it work situation with adding the ice. I wanted it to be almost slushy like but still drinkable. I just slowly added ice to the blender as I was mixing the drink just to make sure the consistency was how I wanted. Drinking this, HOLY CRAP!!! I didn’t think it could make it better, again I wish I put this in a fancy cup to make it even more fun. The Ice didn’t water down the taste either.

Both versions of this cocktail were absolutely delicious it tasted exactly like the canned cocktail I absolutely love. The perfect mix does exist, you could almost class this at a bartender level good. The lime flavour with the sweetness just works. This is a perfect cocktail mix if your having friends over (or if your feeling like a few by yourself). This was a WIN!!



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