Hair Blowout at Home

When it comes to styling my hair, I will say I’m not too bad. I’m not a professional in any way shape or form but I am competent when it comes to styling my hair. That is until, its time to wash my hair. Washing my hair I’m absolutely fine, its the drying my hair that’s the problem. I generally like to air dry my hair, then straighten it once its dry. If I happen to wash my hair and I need to go out and can’t be out with sopping wet hair (whether I want to look less trashy or its winter) I’d use a hair dryer. The issue I have with drying my hair with the dryer is I can’t bloody style it and I end up with fluffy crazy hair- it takes a lot of straightening and products to make it look half decent. Ive wanted to find something to help make hair was day a bit less of a draining experience.

A while ago I came across a number of these Blowout Brushes out on the market and they caught my interest. Originally I thought these were some kind of different hair dryers but I then found out after a bit of research that these are actually to create a blowout and give volume to your hair. I searched around and most of the brushes were similar, the Revlon One Step Volumiser caught my eye. For many reasons this was the one I wanted to buy. One being it was a fairly well known brand, two it came in different colours and three the brsuhes bristles seemed a lot more like a brush and seemed like it could glide through my hair a lot smoother than the others I saw.

So lets take this for a ride shall we.

According to the site these are the steps for the brush:

Step 1. For a sleek blowdry, start with clean, towel-dried hair and apply a heat-protectant

Step 2. Separate hair into manageable sections with sectioner clips. Taking one section at a time, starting from the bottom layer, choose the best heat setting for your hair.

Step 3. Place the oval brush near the root and brush away from the head while gently rotating. This will create professional like volume. Repeat for all layers and sections of hair.

Step 4. For more curve, wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for a few seconds.

Step 5. Finish with a shot of hair spray or hair serum

For me what I did was after washing my hair I let it dry a little bit so its not drenched and wouldn’t take as long to do. Of course I used my heat protectant spray and sectioned my hair. This has been a bit of an experience, trying to figure out how to style my hair. After many attempts over the last few weeks I have seen a big improvement on how I style it. One style Ive been going for at the moment is the I guess its the “90s” blowout hair. Sorry I’m not 100% sure what its called but its apparently 90’s hair. Photo below:

Me to myself: Don’t forget to look down so its not really obvious you haven’t slept very well in days and one of your eyes is bung (and looks crazy) because of it. My hair still has a few fly aways, but not as much as I would normally get when using a normal hair dryer.

I actually like this brush and I think this will be great in winter too. I still have to perfect my hairs overall outcome, but Im finding its getting better and I am looking forward to hair wash day. bought mine from Hairhouse Warehouse for $99 AUD. Great way to getting myself looking more acceptable in public on a day to day basis.

IM OUT!!!!


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