A different Pizza Pocket flavour

I haven’t had Pizza Pockets in a while now and with the release of a new limited time flavour, my need for something nostalgic sparked up my need for them. When I was younger Pizza Pockets were our special treat for dinner, I always thought of them as pizza doughnuts. So anyway on Facebook I came across a new flavour that has been released which was Vegemite flavour. Now a lot of non-Australians reading this probably are screwing their noses up in utter disgust to the thought of Vegemite in a Pizza Pocket. I don’t blame you it is a very unique flavour and is best enjoyed sparingly. I mean I can have one jar last me over a year. But saying that, this just looked like a normal ham and cheese PP (Pizza Pocket) but happened to have a little Vegemite to take the flavour up a notch – which I will say sometimes it does add that little extra. For example I enjoy Vegemite on a thin Corn cake (or rice cake) with avocado on top of that then a slice of cheese – amazing!! One of my weird pregnancy cravings from my first pregnancy became something I eat when Im not preggo.

So I was curios on this concoction. I did double check if it was a legit and it was! Then began my great search to find the unique PP. I actually found this in February but I forgetful dumbass put it in the freezer and forgot about it. ow I was ready to try this out and I have tried out different Vegemite products one being a surprising delight was many years ago a Cadbury Vegemite flavoured chocolate came out. Now I know what your thinking, I thought it to WHAT THE FUCK!! That caught me off guard completely, it didn’t taste like it at all it actually kind of tasted like a salted caramel flavoured chocolate which was enjoyable. Anyway back to the pizza doughnut.

I heated this up and launched right in. This didn’t have the Vegemite scent which I thought being a savoury food Id be able to smell it, but I couldn’t really all I could smell was pastry. Biting in I could taste the Vegemite at all. It was actually pretty flavourless and I feel like these aren’t as filled up as they used to be. It was mostly the outer pastry layer with a tiny amount of filling, I checked every one of in the packet and they all had barely any filling! I honestly couldn’t taste any flavour, in the picture on the box you can see all of the filling in its glory and what I got was barely anything. The ham and cheesed dint seem to have anything to add in the flavour department and it was honestly very disappointing on how little filling there was. If the flavour was very intense I’d understand but this had nothing, I actually almost put Sriracha on it just to add some flavour.

I think I should have kept Pizza Pockets in my fond memories and didn’t try them now. They aren’t worth the money Im seriously disappointed with these. If anyone else has happened to have tried these please let me know your experience- maybe I happened to have got a dud batch.



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