Lemonade Icy Pole AND Vodka!

Billsons have bought out some new flavours its been a while now til I managed to get my hands on some of these newly flavours. So let me point out that all of these released flavours are harder than Pokémon to catch! I swear finding these flavours are so hard there should be a prize with each can. I thought Id start with the Lemonade Popsicle. From what Ive read about this its not necessarily a zesty lemon flavour (one already exists and is fucking delicious) its more of a sweeter lighter lemon flavour. Obviously like the lemonade Icy poles you can buy from any supermarket. Those icy poles really do take me back to my childhood, we used to have the lemonade flavour a lot more – the coloured ones my parent got first dibs on. I also buy them now to keep in the freezer for if its ever a hot day and I’d prefer the spawns having them rather than ice-cream. Ice cream in my house doesn’t last long at all.

Ok so I was a bit concerned with the flavour, since I had heard so many bad reviews on this. But I will admit, it wasn’t that bad. It did give me a more of a melted down version of a lemonade icy pole, which I want mad about. The lemonade flavour took me back to my childhood with icy poles and at the same time made it more adult with the vodka. While I didn’t mind this drink, I feel like it would be a lot more enjoyable to a lot more people if I was made into a slushie form. I reckon it would take it that little bit further and more people would enjoy this. Like I said I didn’t mind this Billsons, I will say I did feel like it needed maybe something extra to make it more amazing. As usual with Billsons the vodka didn’t overpower the flavours, this was a sweet (but not overboard sweet) treat.

am liking the Billsons different flavours coming out, I do wish they were a lot easier to find in stores. I have been on a bit of an adventure looking for them, I have even send my husband out looking for them if his out and about. Like I’ve said this flavour wasn’t too bad, I would not put this in the DO NOT DRINK pile I do feel like it has some potential with the freezing and turning it into a slushie. I am tempted to go on a little adventure to Beechworth and stock up on all of the flavours try……



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