Can I have a SPLICE

Its is almost Easter!!! So lets try out some chocolate shall we. Now Ive said this every Easter but I am not the biggest fan of Easter eggs. Well I don’t mind the LINDT eggs, but generally I don’t like the eggs because I feel like the chocolate tastes like its cheap and out of date. I really hate it (IVE HATED THIS SINCE I WAS A KID), when brands (well use Mars Bar for example) create these egg packs which would consist of a large egg and small eggs and mini snack sized bars in it. hen you open the pack the only thing that was actually Mars Bar was the snack sized bars as extras – everything else was plain cheap chocolate with Mars Bar written on the foil- if I buy a branded chocolate pack I expect it to be mostly that flavour. I will mention that over the years brands have stepped up and actually created eggs that are the flavours that they claim to be- but a lot are still being cheapasses and still pulling a dodgy on us.

So my little rant over, while buying Easter Eggs for everyone I came across some different flavours that I haven’t come across before. I found a line of eggs that were based off of ice creams! All looked delicious but I could only buy one because one egg costs $11AUD. Sure its a bit much but hey you gotta expect that with anything regarding any holiday coming up and good old inflation. I chose the SPLICE egg, it caught my eye straight away – plus I like Splices, I do love me some pine lime.The egg is white chocolate with a pine lime crunch. SOLD!! This egg is from Chocolatier, Im not too familiar with the brand, I may have had some of their chocolates as a gift with flowers for one of my Birthdays – its seems Boujee. Not that Im complaining.

The egg was soo freakin delicious! The white chocolate had such a beautiful creamy taste, the pine lime crunch in the the chocolate made the creaminess of the chocolate not overwhelming and sickening. The pine lime added that little extra pop which made it taste so good. Eating this I defiantly got the SPLICE flavour, the pine lime with the white chocolate in place of the ice cream. I instantly thought yep its a SPLICE!

While I do agree the price is a little much, I am a bit glad its so cheap- its saving me from being a gluttonous pig and stuffing my face. This was absolutely spot on with the flavours, I am slowly getting a bit of hope that I could start enjoying Easter eggs, but I’d rather enjoy my naughty calories on a cocktail this Easter since its kicking off the school holidays. his egg is perfect for people who find normal plain easter eggs a bit boring or are like me and don’t really enjoy easter eggs.

IM OUT!!!!


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