That was Rough

Hi I’m BACK!!! Where have I been? Well I have been losing my freaking mind with the two spawns home together for almost 3 weeks. Easter School holidays are insane! It is nothing but rushing around and people going crazy everywhere. Leaving the house I would have to always make sure I was prepared for the large amount of people out and about on a Weekday in places and I would have to always check my phone maps to see how long it would take to get anywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong Melbourne traffic is shit anytime of the year no matter the time or day (roadworks at every fucking turn along with people who shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car) but in school holidays it’s cranked up a couple of levels. Along with the craziness that is school holidays I still had to work- yes I do have an actual job. I just work from home (I was doing it before it became cool in 2020). So long story short I have fuck all time to finalise posts because of pure exhaustion.

But I’m alive! I’m back and have things lined up and ready for your entertainment.

IM OUT!!!!

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