I went on a different kind of adventure, I went to foodie heaven! GRAZELAND is a unique outdoor dining experience located in West Melbourne. With many different food (sweet and savoury) and drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) vendors you are bound to find something to satisfy. Enjoy food and drinks from one of the vendors and be entertained by the live music and amazing view of the West Gate Bridge. This place is perfect for a couples date night, friends hangout, celebration, family adventure or adventure with your furry friend (yes dogs are allowed in!!).

I did not know where to start with this food, literally I was standing there just in shock with the many options I could get. I ended up getting a Chicken Bao Bun, Watermelon and strawberry lemonade, Aperol Spritz and shared a Soufflé Pancake. I seriously became overwhelmed with trying to find the perfect food and the Bun actually was quite filling. The portion sizes aren’t massive so you can try a few different places and not feel sick.

I will mention that it a $4 entry fee into Grazeland and each food vendor is priced under $20, it really all depends on each location. This place is mainly undercover but in the colder months it still gets fairly cold so make sure you bring a warm coat. They do have heaters around the place but I found it better just to make sure you have a coat so you can venture around comfortably. For a large food place this was so clean. I mean Disneyland Clean. The staff here are on top of everything, the tables are always cleared and clean and there was no rubbish on the ground. You could see staff walking around clearing up any messes to make sure that spots were available for patrons to sit comfortably.

I went during the day and it was a really enjoyable experience the lines weren’t too long and I wasn’t waiting forever for food. I am curious to check it out at night, I without a doubt would be in a sea of Puffer Jackets enjoying some warm food on most likely some mulled wine – but that little adventure will be for another time . Below I have included the details and the website to check out yourself.


20 Booker Street, Spotswood, VIC, 3015


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