Heat less Curls……AGAIN!!

A while back I decided to try out curling my hair without heat because people were starting to use these silky foam rods to curl their hair over night. I was not willing to pay a great amount plus postage for something that resembled a massive curler that my mum had kicking around in the back of her bathroom vanity from the 80’s. I tried out curling my hair with a dressing gown cord and it worked fine. I didn’t think anything about it until recently I came across one of these curlers in KMART. It was a nice cheap price of $5, why not give this a go and see if using these silky rods are worth all of the hype that Ive seen plastered all over the internet.

Included in the box was the rod itself, a claw clip and two silky scrunchies. The instructions on the back were pretty vague so I did go on Youtube to check out how its done. I did get mixed information when it came to whether I curl with dry or wet hair. Seeing as it is fucking cold I just washed my hair and blow dried my hair to it almost being fully dry. Yes I used heat but I started this at 9:30pm and I just didn’t have it in me to wait hours for my thick hair to dry.

I then placed the rod on my head and used the clip to keep in in place as I started to twist my hair in sections around the rod. I was doing it a lot like when you French/Dutch (I don’t know the difference!!!) braid hair you just keep adding sections.

Once hair is wrapped around one side lecture with one of the scrunchies and then repeat on the other side. Make sure when you are wrapping your hair you do it really firm in order for the curl to actually work. Once done make sure the other sides secured with a scrunchieas well. Then prepare for an uncomfortable sleep.

I honestly thought it would be nice and easy for me to sleep in since I’ve gotten back into sleeping like a corpse (flat on my back with my hands resting on my chest) but it just was not. As soon as I laid down on my pillow I felt my rod move forward and my hair pulling my ears pushed. But I remember beauty is pain…………that I stupidly inflicted on myself n hopes this would save me time with getting ready. In the morning when I got up I removed the device and I did have some beautiful curls pop through, I loosened them up so they looked a lot more like wow I normally would have my curls.

It was fairly good I wish the back of my hair was a little more curly, it did look like I missed a spot. I feel like I needed to put hair spray in my hair in order to keep the curls in tact. Usually my hair holds curls fairly well and it lasts the whole day (without hairspray). But with this method they didn’t last all that long. I feel like the back of my hairs outcome was really down to the factI was sleeping on that spot and it just went flat. I feel like this would be good to do during the day if I have an event at night because I won’t be resting on my hair and potentially flattening it. Next time I’ll also put a bit of hair spray to keep my curls lasting. Overall this wasn’t a bad purchase, I wouldn’t spend any more than $10 on this (the cheaper the better). I think there are other methods that would give a better outcome but convince this isn’t that bad. I had a little look on Amazon and there are a number of different one available for different prices. Of course Ive included my original post with me curling my hair with my dressing gown cord. Does anyone else know any weird and wonderful ways to curl your hair without heat or curlers?


Heat Less Curls


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