Ooooo Bubblegum

Another Billsons flavour! This time its Grape Bubblegum (and Vodka). I tell you what I am struggling to find all of these new flavours at any of the Liquor Stores in my area. So apologies if these are a little behind. There are a few weird and wonderful flavours I am hanging to try out so hopefully I can get my sweaty little hands on them soon.

This drink, the second I open it I could smell the Bubblegum. I seriously got the smell of Hubba Bubba bubblegum smell. This got me excited! I haven’t had Hubba Bubba in YEARS. Another Billsons bringing a adult twist to my childhood treats. With the Bubblegum flavour, I did have to keep reminding myself that this was an alcoholic drink and not a sweet. With its taste I loved the grape bubblegum flavour it was delicious and not too sweet that I felt like my teeth we’re going to fall out. The flavour was delicious and I felt like it also had a bit of a different flavoured aftertaste, it made the drink seem like it was changing as you drank it and kept me wanting more. It wasn’t overwhelming and I didn’t feel like I had to just stick to one of these, I feel like I could have more than one and not feel sick of it.

This was a nice flavour it dint get sickening or gross. Bubblegum is a flavour that can easily get really sweet and overwhelming. With making it a soft drink that’s also adding more sweetness to the mix. This flavour actually sat well with me and I am obsessed with the smell – it smelt spot on like Hubba Bubba Bubblegum. I kinda want to go buy bubblegum now. This was delicious, Billsons did it again with hitting the mark. I will mention this post was originally for a few weeks back but things got ahead of me. Billsons are constantly releasing new flavours of drinks and Im just really trying to just find them!!

IM OUT!!!!


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